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Press: HarperCollins UK; 7th edition (December 1, 2003)
Publication Date:2004-3
Author Name:Irvine, Peter


This guide will help you experience the very best of Scotland. 
Whether visiting on pleasure or business, why settle for second-rate when you can be guided to so much that is outstanding? Here are thousands of recommendations that include the very finest of everything: places to stay and eat (whatever your budget), beaches and hill walks, bakers, haunted sites, places to take the kids, and more. This 2004 edition of Scotland the Best—now expanded, updated, and revised—is the finest ever.
Peter Irvine has reassessed every recommendation to determine whether it’s still worthy of inclusion and added newly discovered gems to all categories.

About the Author

Peter Irvine is a director of two of the leading edge events companies in Scotland who produce most of the major public events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including the annual Glasgow Art Fair and Edinburgh's Hogmanay, which is now the biggest New Year festival in the world. 
In 2000 Peter Irvine was given the Thistle award for his personal contribution to tourism in Scotland and in 2002 gained another Thistle award for the Glasgow Art Fair.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I'm giving it 2 stars because there is a lot of information but I didn’t care for this type of “guide book.” It really is just a compilation of lists.
  •     Excellent resource for me- a traveler who has not been here before and has no idea of what-to-see-, where -to-see-it- where-to-eat or stay..... The book is written in an easy to understand format and covers all aspects of travel in Scotland. It was highly recommended to me and I pass along this recommendation. It covers transportation, lodgings, historic sites, restaurants, festivals, shopping and more.
  •     I have bought every edition of Scotland the Best since 1998, and I find it totally addictive. Let's be clear - the book is a personal selection of the author's favorite places in Scotland. If you don't already know Scotland, you'll do better with a Fodor or Lonely Planet guidebook to give you the background and orientation. However, if you want a list of great places to guide your travels then this is a great book. It includes gardens, churches, mountains, prehistoric sites and castles as well as the obvious restaurants and hotels.
  •     Book was not the easiest to navigate. The points of interest were categorized by sites rather than towns. ie. . If you were looking for a castle site in Oban you would have to read all about the castles elsewhere. Far too much onfo on restaurants!When visiting place, I like to view all there is of interest in that town in one location. I purchased this book solely based on reviews. If I could get my money back I would return it! A waste of money
  •     We have traveled to Scotland for almost 40 years now - yikes. We learned about places and experiences there by talking to people met along the way and hunches about what to do and see. This book proved to be good reading - maybe too much at times, providing worthwhile suggestions of places and things to do off the beaten track. The accommodation suggestions were often good starting points for finding places to spend several nights at a time. One hotel suggestion - with the author's disclaimer that he had not stayed there himself, but heard good reports proved to be a version of Faulty Towers - with enough quirkiness to fill a book. Beverage cans, bits of litter, broken window frame, and peeling paint at the entrance - omg - wood paneling, sparkling crystal chandelier in the lobby, holes in the carpet, hallway with no ceiling - open wires ("we are in the middle of renovations..."), a spacious, clean well appointed room with large windows and new pristine en suite bathroom, superb fish for supper cooked by the wife/partner...Susie the sheepdog mascot - highlight of the journey. Need to investigate if author maintains a web site for updates. If he doesn't, it is a good idea.
  •     I will probably like it better when I get to Scotland and am moving about. It didn't have as much history and explanation about various sites as I was hoping.
  •     Could we have done Scotland without it? Not nearly as well. Amazing book loaded with insider info and places to go. Truly lives up to it's title
  •     fall 2016 trip to scotland -- I bought this book beforehand but had a much deeper appreciation for it ON the trip.
  •     I lived in Scotland years ago and have been using these guidebooks since then. They are the BEST! Lots of great info and insights.
  •     It was time for a new one, and I didn't hesitate. This and our old Taste of Scotland book are what we use as guides (as well as the Undiscovered Scotland website). This is not a guide book per se, but rather provides some very accurate descriptions/ratings of hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. We have always found Irvine's recommendations accurate and worth taking. We use this rather than a guide book frankly, but we have been to Scotland many times, which might make the difference.
  •     This witty, interesting and comprehensive guide is simply packed with information and recommendations concerning what to do and see in Scotland as well as where to stay and eat along the way. Much of the information is provided in lists of
  •     This volume consists largely of recommended hotels and restaurants. I was expecting a "locals" guide to supplement the standard guide books but was disappointed.
  •     We just returned from Scotland having based most of our travel decisions on this book. The author was dead on in every instance. We found some of the most wonderful and out -of -the-way places with his help. I highly recommend purchasing any travel book by this author and will do so again.
  •     I've had two previous incarnations of this book and am about to splash out on the latest update. Yup, it's that good. I love Scotland and visit as often as I can, which of course means not nearly often enough. For such a relatively small place it's packed with wonderful,amazing natural beauty/historical sites/kitsch/ruins/distilleries/festivals/people. This makes it extremely difficult to choose where to go and what to do. Whether you have days or weeks to spend, this guide will help you find the "must-do" highlights as well as the "thank-the-gods-I-found-this-treasure" nuanced spots.I've been to a number of the sites Peter Irvine includes in his lists. Some I found before encountering his book, others I sought out using the book as a guide. I have yet to disagree with the man on his reviews. The book's layout is also helpful. It's broken into lists with each entry numbered. There is a thorough index and maps in the back for easy spot checking and cross-referencing. You can search out specific places, like Best Ruins, or cast your eyes around the maps to see what's nearby wherever you're traveling. Enough. Scotland the Best is brilliant. Get a copy. You'll be glad you did.
  •     Great resource for the traveler who prefers to explore independently.
  •     When traveling to Scotland for the first time, this book provides a reasonable adjunct to a more comprehensive guide book.
  •     I haven't gone yet but loaned it to a friend who did. SShe said everything in the book is absolutely true and well rated as true
  •     Bought this based on reviews. If you are touring planning on hitting the top tourist locations, this is your book.

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