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Press: Streetwise Maps; Revised 2007 edition (December 27, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-12
Author Name:Brown, Michael


Artwise London Museum Map - Laminated Museum Map of London, England - Streetwise MapsThis map covers the following areas:Main London Map 1:20,000London Underground Map - London Tube MapLondon Museum IndexIf you love to wander through a museum and ponder the offerings within, then London will inspire you. 
If you love to wander through a city soaking up all the culture to be found, then the ARTWISE® London Museum Map will reward you.First and foremost to see is the incredible British Museum.
Here are the world’s great treasures like the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.
Nine departments house everything from the Bronze Age to Modern cartoons displayed on three sprawling floors.
Spend even a short time here and you’ll understand why this is one of the largest and finest repositories of human culture on earth.With the ARTWISE® London Museum Map in hand, you can take a charming walk, with a brief stop for tea, through Convent Garden on your way to the National Gallery, which houses more than 2,300 paintings dating from 1250 - 1900 AD.
It is said that this is the greatest collections of European painting in the world.
See for yourself as you gaze upon Carravaggio, Botticelli, daVinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, Van Gogh and Cézanne hung in galleries that would cover over 9 football fields.Cross the Thames via one of the many footbridges and spend the day exploring the south bank where you can pay homage to the wild genius of Salvador Dali at Dali Universe.
Then take a leisurely stroll east along the Thames embankment (Queen’s Walk) to visit the Tate Britain for an injection of contemporary art.The ARTWISE® map of London will enhance your experience of London.
It will help organize your time and chart your course around central London to enable you to see more of the city’s great art.
Wether this is your first visit to Great Britain, or you frequent London often, this map will make the most of your timeThe ARTWISE® London Museum Map is a detailed map of central London.
Museums, gallery walks, and other cultural institutions are clearly identified and indicated on the map.
An inset map of the London Underground metro system (the Tube) is included and all stops are clearly marked on the main map to better serve your travels around the city.
The museum index lists museums with text covering address, the nearest Tube stop, hours, admission charge information, telephone number and a brief description of the museum’s collections.
This stylish culture map of London will enable you to visit more museums and other sites than by any other means.

About the Author

STREETWISE® is the first map to be designed with modern graphics and is the originator of the laminated, accordion-fold map format. 
We’ve set the standard that every map company has imitated but never duplicated.
Our mission is to make you feel comfortable, to make you feel safe in a place where you’ve never been before and to enable you to experience a familiar place more fully.The company was founded in 1984 by Michael Brown, who had been in international publishing for many years, setting up subsidiaries for textbook publishers.
In the 1970’s, Brown traveled extensively throughout Africa, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Brown would take a large paper map, cut out the city center, folded it up and slip it into his pocket, thus preventing him from looking like a tourist in areas where discretion is the better part of travel.
This was his tool for surviving.After many years on the road, Brown settled back in New York and decided to start his own business, based on the adaptations he had made to maps in his travels.
His goal was to give someone the ability to navigate easily in unfamiliar terrain.He started with a new map format: the accordion fold.
Such a simple idea, but at the time it was revolutionary.
No more struggling to fold an awkward, oversized paper map.
This new format would enable the user to blend in like a native, instead of stick out like a tourist.
Brown then added lamination to ensure that the map would be a lasting tool.More important than the format was the design of the map itself.
It had to be a map that not only succeeded above and beyond any map he had used, but was esthetically appealing as well.
The look of it had to be as striking as the functionality.
Color was introduced in a way that was never seen before in a map - vivid purple for water, soothing gray for the background of street grids, gold to highlight elements of the map.
Clarity, conciseness and convenience in a very stylish package.Building the business was a 24 hour job.
Brown sold the maps during the day, zipping around Manhattan making deliveries on his Harley Davidson.
At night he packed the orders and did the design work.
More titles were added, each title requiring months of research and design.Today, STREETWISE® produces over 130 titles for major destinations, regions and countries throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia.
We have grown from the back of a motorcycle to selling millions of maps around the world.Yet each title is still painstakingly researched and updated.
STREETWISE® is one of the only, if not THE only map company that conducts research by walking or driving an area to ensure accuracy.
After all, what good is the map if what you hold in your hands doesn’t match what you see on the street sign? This lengthy fact checking results in superior accuracy; in effect, we’ve done the work, now you have the adventure.In the end, it’s not about the map, it’s about getting out and finding your own authentic experience wherever you go.
It’s about being in a city or a region and discovering things that you never thought you would find.
You can do this if you have confidence and you have confidence if you have a great map.
STREETWISE® is the great map that you need.


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  •     Arrived promptly and in good condition. We grabbed this item before all the remnants of that tremendous company, Streetwise Maps, disappears into dust. Of course, I realize that GPS has made such items a bit less critical, but no online app is going to convey the graphic resolution, the fine detail, or the geographical overview that Streetwise does. The idea that some company such as Rand McNally, or Amazon itself, hasn't taken on the Streetwise product and kept it going is difficult to understand. Regarding this Artwise London map, after a quick review, and comparing it to whatever else we saw trying to figure out where to go and how to get there, nothing else has compared.
  •     It was easy to use and enabled us to get around in London.
  •     This handy map of London lists the museums and tube stops so you can look at it without having to revel you need help locating a place. Not only does it have the museums it has an underground map to tell you which tube station is closest to your destination. If it's raining the map is plastic coated, how cool is that? I keep a 'post it' stuck inside to list the sites I really, really want to see.Bon Voyage

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