Great Endeavour: Ireland's Antarctic Explorers

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Press: Collins Pr (December 31, 2010)
Author Name:Smith, Michael


The Irish have left an indelible mark in the most hostile territory on earth, Antarctica. 
It was the Irish who pioneered a route to the Antarctic and whose adventures 100 years ago gripped the attention of the world.
Their contribution is now told in a single volume celebrating their amazing exploits.
The earliest voyages to the Antarctic ice are saluted, with due consideration given to present-day adventurers who have taken up the torch.
Quotations from first-hand accounts, photographs of the intrepid men, relics, medals, and sites enhance the poignant text.

About the Author

Michael Smith, author of the best-selling An Unsung Hero, is an authority on polar history. 
He has written seven books, contributes to many publications, tv and radio documentaries and lectures extensively.
He began writing books after a career as a journalist on newspapers such as the Guardian, the Observer and Evening Standard.


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  •     As an ardent fan of polar exploration and expeditions, I cannot get enough of reading about Scott and Shackleton in the Antarctic. This book is a wonderful addition to my library. It is meticulously researched and sheds a much-needed light on Ireland's unsung heroes of exploration, most notably Tom Crean and Tim McCarthy. Little has ever been written about Tim McCarthy, despite the fact that he was a stalwart on Shackleton's Endurance expedition and well-liked by all the expedition. I so enjoyed reading more details of his life and of his brother Mort, who served with Scott on Terra Nova. But the star of this book is Tom Crean, who had a role in both Scott and Shackleton's expeditions. What an extraordinary man, humble, modest, but supremely capable and heroic.
  •     I enjoyed this book very much! Michael Smith gives a good overview of Ireland's contributions to polar exploration.

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