London's Dead: A Guided Tour of the capital's dead

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Press:HarperCollins UK HarperCollins UK (June 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-6-1
Author Name:Ed Glinert


Some of the city’s most gruesome stories are unearthed in this compendium of facts and anecdotes addressing London's dead. 
From the famous and infamous to unsung heroes and victims, and from well-known resting places to undignified graves, a vast array of deaths is addressed.
Stories include that of the Gordon Riots of 1780, during which Langdale's Distillery was stormed; as the rioters gorged themselves the liquor caught fire, burning their insides.
The tragic, the preplanned, the absurd, and the bizarre are all covered in this startling history of the dead.

About the Author

Ed Glinert writes the London column in Time Out. 
His previous works include East End Chronicles, Literary London, The London Compendium, and West End Chronicles.


Travel,Europe,Great Britain,General,History,England

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  •     A quick and lively tour of London's many neighborhoods, with the focus on scenes of famous passings, infamous murders and deadly accidents. And the cemeteries housing the victims of same.I enjoyed reading this book by Ed Glinert, for no good reason.

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