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Press: Michelin; 9 edition (August 16, 2012)
Author Name:Michelin Travel & Lifestyle


Michelin regional maps each contain practical road and route information. 
Special Michelin reads-like-a-book format for easy use in folding and unfolding.
Useful information for planning trips, including gas stations, 24-hour service stations, toll gates, rest areas and service plazas.
Clear, precise cartography.
Icons pinpoint important travel information.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Outstanding map - like all Michelin maps, the most trustworthy maps in the world. When my Father and I were adventuring in Africa, we used Michelin maps, and now when I'm...
  •     Not an 'in the car' map. I use it at home to plan driving routes. I post on the wall so I can see my whole trip at a glance on one map. This way I can plan to stay away from interstates and find the most direct and hopefully most scenic routes. Then I fine tune the route on a more detailed state map or state map book which I take in the car with me.
  •     I'm super excited to add this map to our emergency kit! It really reduces the amount of maps that I have in our bags and encompasses all the areas I'm likely to travel regularly. I will be buying the central and eastern maps down the line, just to have all my bases covered because we move around a lot.
  •     As described.
  •     These maps were wonderful on our trip from San Francisco to Vegas, the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley, up through Arches and the Great Salt Lake. We saw everything and always knew where we were. Thank you very much.
  •     We are taking a long driving trip through many of the states of the West. We're very familiar with most of these states area and wanted a map that combined showing all the states...
  •     the paper is very thin, I had it laminated
  •     big but excellent
  •     I returned this product because it was not a detailed map I don't know what kind of map it's supposed to be. it showed two or three major routes covered but nothing else
  •     A wonderful map, it clearly does what many maps do not, it has the details of city borders, road systems, and even smaller towns well projected. I love maps and would highly rate this map over any others of the kind.
  •     The paper is not a heavy weight. The map clearly shows highways, national and state parks and mountainous areas. It's the size I was looking for to put on my wall to plan my next road trip. I couldn't know the extent of the map before buying, so here it is (the 4 map corners): Hakai Ra, BC - Punta Baja, Mexico - Wapawekka Lake, Saskatchewan - Crane, TX. The back is blank.
  •     It really came in handy for our trip across half of Canada. Will use it again! Love the harder outside cover.
  •     In this day and age of everything-digital, it's funny how, sometimes, the old standards still shine. I still print some excel files, I want a paper recipe in front of me and damn, sometimes, planning road trips CANNOT be done properly on Google Maps. Don't get me wrong, I love the digital conveniences of our times, but they're not the be-all and end-all.This paper map from Michelin is a great example of why paper maps still exist. It does a terrific job of showing possible places along the way of a long road trip where we might stop for the night, grab a meal and a bed and start out the next day. It is far easier to see these possible places on a paper map that it is on line. The Michelin map is filled with details, shows towns and cities just slightly off our main intended route and is practically a work of art. My only minor complaint is that this baby is huge - you will NOT fully open this map while driving. Fortunately, it folds in such a way that you can open it partially to just the portion you need to see.I have not compared this map to other detailed maps from other vendors, so I can't tell you if it will be your best bet. It does not feature hotels or offer discounts at theme parks, but I didn't buy this map to get 15% off the Largest Ball of Twine Museum.
  •     I ordered the map because at least one other reviewer indicated it had scenic routes on it. To me that means those routes are marked with small dots for the length of the scenic distance. The map is nice and does have most all of the small secondary roads indicated, but there is no indication of what routes are scenic. National Geographic sells a map that is marked with scenic routes but the last publication of it was about ten years back, I am waiting for them to come out with a more current version of their map. In the mean time I am reluctantly keeping the Michelin map because I do at times want to know about all the little roads out there. Some other reviewers indicated the map is large, yes it is unwieldy. It is like 2X bigger than a AAA map. Unfolded it measures 39 X 47". Your not going to be able open it inside a passenger car. I wonder why they didn't make it half its size and print on both sides instead of just one. If you like a map that you can spread out on a large table this map will work well for you.
  •     very helpful
  •     Good detail but huge

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