Holiday in Mexico: Critical Reflections on Tourism and Tourist Encounters (American Encounters/Global Interactions)

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Press: Duke University Press Books (February 2, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-2
Author Name:Berger, Dina; Wood, Andrew Grant;


With its archaeological sites, colonial architecture, pristine beaches, and alluring cities, Mexico has long been an attractive destination for travelers. 
The tourist industry ranks third in contributions to Mexico’s gross domestic product and provides more than 5 percent of total employment nationwide.
Holiday in Mexico takes a broad historical and geographical look at Mexico, covering tourist destinations from Tijuana to Acapulco and the development of tourism from the 1840s to the present day.
Scholars in a variety of fields offer a complex and critical view of tourism in Mexico by examining its origins, promoters, and participants.Essays feature research on prototourist American soldiers of the mid-nineteenth century, archaeologists who excavated Teotihuacán, business owners who marketed Carnival in Veracruz during the 1920s, American tourists in Mexico City who promoted goodwill during the Second World War, American retirees who settled San Miguel de Allende, restaurateurs who created an “authentic” cuisine of Central Mexico, indigenous market vendors of Oaxaca who shaped the local tourist identity, Mayan service workers who migrated to work in Cancun hotels, and local officials who vied to develop the next “it” spot in Tijuana and Cabo San Lucas.
Including insightful studies on food, labor, art, diplomacy, business, and politics, this collection illuminates the many processes and individuals that constitute the tourism industry.
Holiday in Mexico shows tourism to be a complicated set of interactions and outcomes that reveal much about the nature of economic, social, cultural, and environmental change in Greater Mexico over the past two centuries.Contributors.
Dina Berger, Andrea Boardman, Christina Bueno, M.
Bianet Castellanos, Mary K.
Coffey, Lisa Pinley Covert, Barbara Kastelein, Jeffrey Pilcher, Andrew Sackett, Alex Saragoza, Eric M.
Schantz, Andrew Grant Wood

From the Back Cover

"This is an extraordinarily important treatment of Mexico's cultural history."--John Mason Hart, author of "Empire and Revolution: The Americans in Mexico since the Civil War"

About the Author

Dina Berger is Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University Chicago. 
She is the author of The Development and Promotion of Mexico’s Tourism Industry: Pyramids by Day, Martinis by Night.Andrew Grant Wood is Associate Professor of History at University of Tulsa.
He is the author of Revolution in the Street: Women, Workers, and Urban Protest in Veracruz, 1870–1927, and the editor of The Borderlands: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Politics on the U.S.–Mexico Divide.


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