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Press:University of New Mexico Press University of New Mexico Press (December 31, 1999)
Publication Date:1985-09
Author Name:Jaime Litvak King


Engaging introduction to Mexico before the Spanish conquest. 
The author, a leading Mexican archaeologist, guides the novice reader from the arrival of man in the New World through the millenniums during which society evolved from small groups of hunter-gatherers to the advanced civilization present in the sixteenth century.
He show us religious art and architecture, deals with the importance of trade in the development of the Olmec civilization, and its role in the decline of the Aztec empire.

About the Author

Jaime Litvak King is director of the Instituto de Investigaciones Arqueologicas at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


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  •     I bought this book to bring along with me on my trip to Cozumel last month, and while I found this book informative, it seemed to be written for a more juvenille audience. It did make for good light reading at the beach, though.

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