Beyond Cape Horn: Travels in the Antarctic

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Press: Cooper Square Press (September 3, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-9
Author Name:Neider, Charles


Writer and Antarctic explorer Neider tells of his third trip to the frozen continent, describing the international stations there and the goals they are working toward. 
Neider also tours the Antarctic landscape, observing the geography and wildlife and evoking it in detail.
Devoting scrutiny to the international treaties that protect the continent politically and environmentally, Neider reveals how important those treaties are.
Also included in this work are interviews with Antarctic pioneers Sir Charles Wright, Sir Vivian Fuchs, and Laurence Gould.

About the Author

Charles Neider is the editor of Antarctica: Firsthand Accounts of Exploration and Endurance, Tolstoy: Tales of Courage and Conflict and Life As I Find It: A Treasury of Mark Twain Rarities, among many other books.


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  •     Hello Everyone,I am basing my rating on my personal enjoyment and perception of each story, and how well it fits with each of the other four books in the 'Trillium...
  •     I enjoyed the challenge the three sisters had ahead of them and the journey it took for them to overcome it.
  •     Exceeded my expectations brandnew large print hardcover book. Never been opened. Thank you.
  •     Excellent book.
  •     I really like the book.
  •     I was not impressed with this book. I didn't expect to be wowed, as I wasn't terribly impressed with the first book in the series (Black Trilium) but I expected something worth my...
  •     Hello Everyone,I am basing my rating on my personal enjoyment and perception of each story, and how well it fits with each of the other four books in the 'Trillium...
  •     This is a fascinating book which I have read several times. It is a fantasy tale of three sisters. The "twist" to the book is that it is written by THREE of the...
  •     REVIEW: BLACK TRILLIUM by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, Andre Norton[THE SAGA OF THE TRILLIUM #1]I first read this classic in the 90's (originally published...
  •     I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Some things may have changed in the final version.I really like Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton. So I was hoping I would love this book. Unfortunately I ended up DNFing at the 50% mark. The Prologue is long, slow, and reads like a dry history book until the very end where the Black Trillium plant is mentioned. Then it picks up for a bit, and ends shortly thereafter.The rest of the book is a mix of slow slogging through and then interesting bits. Unfortunately the interesting bits didn’t last as long as the slow bits. The princesses themselves didn’t have enough personality to keep me interested. The eldest, Haramis, reminded me a little bit of Aramis from the Three Musketeers at first. And then it was like her personality was sucked out of her during her journey.Kadiya, the middle sister, was a stereotypical redhead. She had the fiery temper, impetuousness, stubborn and quick to anger, and her answer to everything was to attack it. I just couldn’t find a reason to like her.The youngest princess, Anigel was my favorite. Her personality was more vibrant than her sisters. She also actually grew as a character during the 50% of the book I got through. I liked her helper the most as well. She started out as a weepy, scared girl who liked typical girl things. And as the story went on, she grew a backbone and did what she needed to do even though she was still frightened of what was happening to and around her.I want to know how the book ends, how putting together the talismans will help their kingdom. And I’m sure that Anigel is going to end up with the prince of the land who conquered theirs. Just a feeling, but I wouldn’t be surprised. However I don’t want to know these things enough to be willing to force myself to read the rest of the book. It took me 8 hours to read 145 pages, and since I can usually read 1 page every 1-2 minutes… *shrugs*Your mileage may vary, but I won’t be reading the other books in the series.(cross-posted to my blog)
  •     "Black Trillium" is an exercise in mediocrity and cliches. It's got all the elements of formula fantasy.
  •     The trio authors Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Andre Norton have created a world so enchanting that I had to read non-stop from beginning to end. Action began from the first page as the triplet sisters are forced to split up and embark on their own journeys, and conquer themselves.The story is fun, beleivable, and full of mystery surrounding the ancient citizens of the planet, the vanished ones. It is fairly easy to read because the authors did not add too much description, or confusing topics, which often take away the pleasure of reading.The charcters came to life for me because their personalities were so human. Also, although I am not a feminist, I enjoyed the fact that the main characters Kadiyah, Haramis, and Anigel are women, which is a good change from many other fantasy stories that have either men as the lead characters or super-strong and unrealistic women running around and beating everyone up, (*cough*Xena-wannabees*cough), excuse me.Black Trillium has all the elements that make an excellent story. The only problem that I had with it is that the ending seemed to be a little slapped together because it was so short.This is when all three sisters confront The bad guy, Orogastus, together for the first time. About two short chapters later, the story ends. This dosen't create any loose ends, but it does take some of the momentum that the story had built up.
  •     Okay, maybe not exactly but it sounded good and they all began with W. The three triplet girls are revered by their people as the 'Living Trillium'. The Witch is the Princess Haramis (eldest triplet) whose interest in books, learning, magic and the command of power may become her downfall. The Warrior is Kadiya (middle sister) who discovers that she is not as tough as she thinks. The Woman is Anigel (youngest daughter) who is more prone to dancing and clothes. They live in peace for 18 years before trouble strikes at the heart of their family. The sisters are separated and each mus follow a different path to reach their final destination and it may still be longer before they can reunite to destroy the evil sorceror Orogastus. He seems to control Prince Voltrik and is the way to destroy him. Haramis must journey to visit the Archimage and find her talisman (a wand) before accepting a great burden. Kadiya ventures into the lands of the Oddlings, creatures of different races who inhabit the swamps. She must find a sword and accept a different kind of burden. Anigel is captured by Voltrik's son Antar and with the help of a servant escapes. She must draw on strength she didn't know she had to find a circlet and complete her quest. Meanwhile, Antar has fallen in love with this beautiful princess and the more he is forced to pursue and capture her, the more he loves her. Orogastus can see their every move and the sisters grow desperate. How can they defeat one who can counter every plan and thought? Good read. One thing I didn't particularly like was the way the story jumped around. I have a feeling that each writer (there's three) chose a different princess and wrote solely about them. Therefore, sometimes I found myself a litte off-balanced.
  •     We had been looking for this volume (the first of a series, and the only one we were missing) for a long time.

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