The Brazilian Dream: How I left my Finance Job in London and became an Entrepreneur in Brazil

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 25, 2012)
Author Name:Rottgen, MR Raphael a.; Rottgen, Raphael A.;


Raphael Rottgen did not come to Brazil on a company posting. 
He did not even move there because of a woman.
His story is different: he made an independent, unforced, conscious, some say rebellious, decision to leave his finance job in London and become an entrepreneur in São Paulo.
How he arrived at the decision to move to an emerging market; why he chose Brazil over China, India and Russia, after visiting all of them; how he started a company in Brazil from scratch; how he learned how to handle dating Brazilian women – all this and more is what this entertaining story is about.


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  •     I liked this book because Rottgen goes through his process of discovery methodically. This is helpful for getting inside the head of someone who has been successful at a career in international business. Esp. if you want to try your hand at it. Also, he explicitly writes advice about what to do when deciding where to locate and what to do when you locate there.
  •     This book has a wealthy amount on information for someone who would like to move to Brazil.There is plenty of advice for beginners about business life style and cultural gaps.I laughed a lot with Raphael's stories and his relations with girls.I'd like to thank Raphael for sharing his professional and affective life with us. It can help other foreign people to try a new life in Brazil.
  •     I found this book while I was looking for something that covers Latin America. But Latin America is too big a place to be covered in a single book and I came across "The Brazilian Dream."This has turned out to be a far better choice than I realized then.The author is German who attended university in the States and worked in NYC, London and Tokyo and then decided to move to Brazil to start his own business. Which means you can read some interesting stories about those cities as well as about Brazil.Plus, he talks a lot about entrepreneurship. Though this book isn't a guide for someone who wants to start his/her own company, the info is nonetheless pretty down-to-earth and practical. And how many books combine all these stories in a single title?This book got me to think about a lot of things. If you're having second thoughts about your way of life (be it social or professional), it isn't a bad idea to pick up "The Brazilian Dream."I'm just amazed at how energetic the author is about his life and career.
  •     Enjoyed reading Rafi's account of his thinking and experiences that led him to take a big - and ostensibly profitable- plunge to branch-out on his own, leaving the comfortable i-banking job he had and try his hand at being his own boss in a far away land. Great read for anyone interested in global business, a great story, and in being inspired to break out and try something new.
  •     I was given this book by a guy at my dojo and due to the name, was under the impression it was about ju-jitsu!
  •     Raphael is an interesting character, as I found, when I used to cover him as a salesguy. The book underlines Rafi's character as being someone that likes to explore new territories and try out new things. The author has had the privilege of having been in the right industry at the right time and has made his moves at the right moment in time, probably also because he is a very bright person. He combines his extensive experience in living abroad as well as his leisure travel experience very clearly with his own ambitions and with very detailed observations of the economic situation around him. Networking is something very important when the rough idea is to start a business at some point and it can never be bad to have an extensive network of people to fall back on. Rightly so, referrals from friends are better than chosing out of the blue. It was Rafi that invited me to ASW a few years ago. Networking and socializing seems a very important aspect of the authors life and has been a bellwether in starting a business from scratch set aside settling into a country without speaking the language. People contemplating to make such moves will learn lots from Rafi's experience on how to get started thus I would urge reading the book. On a separate note many entertaining abstracts about the night life in the cities the author has visited make the book a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read.
  •     This is one of those books you just cant put down! A lot of fun to read, exciting stories, invaluable insight from a first hand source. You begin to feel like you are right there with the author as he goes through his up's and down's of traveling and eventually settling in Sao Paulo. Cannot recommend this book enough. If you are thinking about or are in the process of moving to a different country, this book gives an informal yet very real look at whats most important and needed.
  •     A really nice description of the lifestyle of an expat living in different countries. Being a brazilian livingabroad for professional reasons, I enjoyed to understand how people see the opportunitiesthat a country like Brazil has to offer in many aspects, from the rich culture to the open chances forinvestment. No doubt, a place to be considered if someone is thinking about changing his perspectives.This book made me feel homesick...see you at Santo Grão!
  •     Being a mobile entrepreneur operating in emerging markets, I was able to relate to a lot of the experiences that the author went through. Namely, taking the leap to international entrepreneurship, abandoning the security of a corporate job, and striking it off on "The Narrow Road", as Felix Dennis would put it. This books is inspirational and gave me new insights on Brazil - a country I've admired from afar whilst in Asia but never really had the chance to visit yet.
  •     Very interesting report of life of the author who lived in different parts of the world until choose Brazil to live.Why Brazil is the best choice?

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