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Press:Rough Guides Rough Guides; 4 edition (December 17, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-11
Author Name:De-Light, Dominique/ Thomas, Polly


The Rough Guide to Trinidad and Tobago is the definitive guide to the most exciting and unexplored of the Caribbean islands. 
The full-colour section introduces the islands’ diverse highlights from tropical bird watching in Northern Trinidad and the secluded wave-whipped sand at Tobago’s Pirates bay, to hiking in the forested peaks of the Northern range.
This updated fourth edition gives expert background on everything from exotic wildlife to Trinidad’s flamboyant pre-Lenten Carnival celebrations.
You’ll find detailed coverage of Trinidad’s best hikes, where to watch turtles laying eggs and sample the island’s delicious cuisine, as well as an appraising rundown of what to do in Tobago, Trinidad’s more tourist-oriented sister isle.
The Contexts section provides informed coverage of the islands’ history, politics and current affairs, as well as the low-down on soca, calypso and steelpan, religion, fauna and flora, and books, while the patois glossary unpicks local slang.
This guide comes complete with clear maps and practical information on accommodation and transportation; and recommendations of all the best places for eating, drinking, and music.
The Rough Guide to Trinidad & Tobago is like having a local friend plan your trip!



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  •     And I should know since I am a 'native' of the country!!! I gave it away to a visiting guest and now need to replace it..I suspect this pattern will continue. The information is accurate and comprehensive. I'm amazed at the coverage. A really very good travel guide!!! (even for middle-aged natives of the country who know it quite well!!!)
  •     I've always enjoyed Rough Guides and own at least 4 of them now. They aren't full of fancy pictures, but instead actual information about the areas you'll be visiting. Descriptions are accurate as are the price ranges.We spent a week traveling around Trinidad and Tobago with no itinerary. This book was our guide. We had no problems and a great time.
  •     As a Trinidadian, who left the island as a teenager, and who now resides in the U.S., I wanted to learn more about the "attractions" of the country during an extended trip back. I found this book to be EXTREMELY helpful, and I made extensive use of the road maps provided. In particular, the maps in the guide give terrific details about where sites are located. In fact, they are more detailed than any other map that I was able to locate, while in Trinidad. In general, the book's material is very up-to-date, pertinent, and enjoyable to read. Hats off to the authors!
  •     If you're going to Trinidad and Tobago, you simply MUST buy this book. It was a huge help while I was there, and I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun without it. Complete where where to stay, what to do, how to get there, where to catch the Maxis, taxis, is an incredibly helpful book. If you're going to T&T and not touring the country, you probably won't need a book. But if you want to see what T&T really has to offer, you've gotta pick this book up. I spent 9 days in the country with this book always at my side.
  •     I bought 3 books before we went to Trinidad and they were all good in their own way. The trip was a surprise to my husband for our 22nd anniversary and definitely gave us lots of...
  •     This is not a very useful tool for travelling. Unlike many guidebooks, they do not put a dollar (or Euro if you prefer) amount on the restaurants, etc., so you are left with a VERY subjective view of cost. We got very tired of going to "inexpensive" and "budget" places and having the dinners cost US $15 to $25 per entree. Even some of the "inexpensive local food" was that much. Tobago in general is difficult in terms of finding budget food (which I define as US $10 or so an entree) and this guide just makes things worse. You are better off using mytabago website or just asking around. There was overall just very little useful information in this "guide". One of us would usually ask 'shall we bring the crappy guide with us?' As often as not, we didn't bother.
  •     I am a Trinidadian living in the US for only four years now but this book was still very educational. The truth is, many parts of Trinidad are hard to navigate and few Trinidadians know the whole island.In addition tourism is not as strongly encouraged as in other islands so it is hard to even get a good map of certain places.The book presents a realistic, in depth perspective of all the hots spots and also the very obscure ones too.A good book for the tourist, the local or the curious.
  •     I am a Trinidadian who has been living abroad for the past eight years. I had not been back to Trinidad and Tobago since 1999 and was very much out of touch with what was current. I needed to organize a wedding in Trinidad from abroad and accomodation and activities for our foreign guests.This was one of two guidebooks dedicated only to Trinidad and Tobago in my local bookstore. For this reason alone it already earns its stars because Trinidad and Tobago is not a popular tourist destination so there aren't many guides dedicated to the this country alone.I thought the sections on accomodations in each locale was well organized and that the information about the places were mostly accurate. There were exhaustive descriptions of each area of Trinidad and Tobago which were very accurate along with long lists of what to see and do in each area and who to call for tours etc. It also contained long lists of bars, restaurants and clubs for all budgets and tastes.I was very pleased with this book as it helped me immensly in planning of my wedding and accomodations and tours for my guests. Of course one should supplement the information in the book with searches on the internet for things like accomodations and tour guides as I was able to find some cheaper deals which were not included in the book. However, this is also the case with many other travel books on other places which I have visited where I have always found cheaper accomodations and tours etc. from the internet.
  •     Am going to Trinidad in December, and was glad that this was so very well updated. Will take it with me!We wil be staying at the Hyatt Regency, and I was very glad to see it listed, considering that it has only been open for a few months. Have read other Rough Guides, and this seems to include everything -- will post another reply in December with more details.

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