The Nu Nomad: Location Independent Living

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 30, 2009)
Author Name:Bolaos Phd, Carmen; Hamel, Richard;


Would you like to travel for months at a time and maintain or even increase your spending power while you have the time of your life? The Nu Nomad is a "how-to" manual for those who are serious about breaking out of the office and into the world. 
This resource includes information on all vital aspects of designing a location-independent lifestyle.
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  •     This book really teaches everything you need to become a digital nomad (world traveler). I'm already half way through the book, and it's a really straightforward work. I like how there is so much experience-based information here. It's a really good buy...I'd say, the most comprehensive guide on becoming a nu nomad in the 21st century!Note: If you want to be a light-traveller, you can take this book with you in e-book (pdf) format. It's the version I purchased, and I'm definitely satisfied.

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