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Press: Companion Guides; New edition edition (March 19, 2009)
Author Name:Trevelyan, Raleigh


The beautiful island of Sicily, poised between Europe and Africa, has seen many invaders, nearly all of whom have left their mark in art and architecture. 
It is also a land of myth and enigma, pagan below the Catholic surface, troubled by the shadow of the Mafia - in the words of the great Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia, a fantasy world.
Raleigh Trevelyan knows the island intimately, and his knowledge adds immeasurably to the experience of visiting the great sites: Segesta, Agrigento and the mosaics of the Roman villa near Piazza Armerina, Palermo and Monreale, the theatre at Syracuse and the baroque marvels of Noto.
Unforgettable though these are, Sicily's unique character is more fully revealed as the author makes his leisurely way from province to province, describing the landscape and monuments, great treasures and remote villages, and spicing these discoveries with personal anecdote and references from writers down the centuries.

About the Author

RALEIGH TREVELYAN's books include several on Italian themes, notably Princes under the Volcano and two outstanding books about the Second World War in Italy: The Fortress: A Diary of Anzio and After and Rome 1944: The Battle for the Eternal City.



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  •     This guide is a true companion for those who have never visited the island of Persephone. It's well written and very accessible.I highly recommend it for first time visitors as well return visiters. I found it to be the best guide to Sicily's diamonds in the rough as well as the more frequented package-tour sites. The author knows the heart and soul of the island. Buy it and take it along. You will thank the author and yourself for being so astute.
  •     I ordered this book to be a general travel guide to Sicily and was disappointed. Almost no photos, hard to use format, and tedious writing.
  •     The book is extremely interesting, offering far more than just sites to see. A feel for the land and its people is most clearly given from personal experience.
  •     it is perfect... Not exactly a guide, but charming and with a lot of love for Sicily, a country I love dear.

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