Land of Eagles: Riding through Europe's Forgotten Country

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Press: I.B.Tauris; 1 edition (July 15, 2009)
Author Name:Hanbury-Tenison, Robin


Determined to discover the Albanian that lies behind so many stereotypes and preconceptions, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and his wife Louella crossed the country on horseback, from Theth in the north to the border with Greece in the south. 
In the footsteps of Byron, Edward Lear and Edith Durham they crossed some of the most wild and arrestingly beautiful landscapes in Europe.
Through soaring mountain ranges and hidden valleys they lived simply; staying in the homes of communities completely untouched by the 21st century and in towns bursting with artistic creativity.
Land of Eagles is the story of a lyrical and dramatic journey, peppered with adventure and mishap, discovery and unexpected encounters.
Adorned with the history, legends and literature of Albania and with the tales of past travellers, it is a luminous portrait of this mysterious and eccentric country, which has for too long been forgotten by Europe.

About the Author

Robin Hanbury Tenison, OBE, DL, is the doyen of British explorers. 
A Founder and President of Survival International, the world’s leading organization supporting tribal peoples, he was one of the first people to bring the plight of the rainforests to the world's attention.
He has been a Gold Medallist of the Royal Geographical Society, winner of the Pio Manzu Award, an International Fellow of the Explorers Club, Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow, Trustee of the Ecological Foundation and Fellow of the Linnean Society.
Among his many publications are: Fragile Eden, The Oxford Book of Exploration, Mulu: The Rain Forest and his two autobiographies, Worlds Apart and Worlds Within, as well as a successful quartet of books about the other long distance rides he and Louella have made across France, China, New Zealand and Spain.


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  •     Ride on horseback through Albania (Shqiperia) from the north Shala Valley to Gjirokaster in the south with the author and his wife; share in their adventures with their guides, horse wranglers, and most especially the gracious people they unexpectedly meet along the way who take their time and resources to help. See the beautiful landscapes descriptively shared. Read the abundant quotes from wide-ranging authors, including Rose Wilder Lane, Edward Lear, Disraeli. Learn about the history, including what happened during World War II and soon after, of this European nation. Join us in learning so much more about this country and especially its people; we highly recommend it. We're living here in Albania on a Church humanitarian mission and plan to order it for each of our children.

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