The South West - From Dawn to Dusk: From Dawn Till Dusk

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Press: UWA Publishing (October 1, 2003)
Author Name:Olver, Rob


This book takes readers on a journey, in words, maps and stunning photographs, through the diverse landscapes of Western Australia's south-west corner from Mandurah to Albany. 
Rob Olver's infectious enthusiasm stirs the imagination as he celebrates the region's social history, flora, and fauna.


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  •     Written and illustrated by Rob Oliver, The South West: From Dawn Till Dusk is an utterly stunning, full-color photographic showcase of the glory of nature in the diverse landscapes of Western's Australia's southwest region stretching from Mandurah to Albany. A thoughtful and informative text is enhanced with simply gorgeous color photography documenting and showcasing lavish landscapes, as well as offering the reader social history, background information, and even legends. The South West is a welcome contribution to Photography and Australian Cultural reference collections, and is particularly recommended for tourists, naturalists, and armchair travelers with an abiding interest in spectacular, wild, and hauntingly beautiful nature.
  •     This book by Rob Oliver, not only contains beautiful graphics of the South West of Western Australia, but its consise history and general information of this area make it a MUST HAVE read. It would make an ideal "coffee table" book and should be available to every tourist establishment in the region. Too often visitors miss these wonderful places that Rob has covered because they "didn't know about them".

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