Travels and adventures in Egypt Volume 2; with anecdotes of Mehemet Ali

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Press: (May 17, 2012)
Author Name:Puckler-Muskau, Hermann


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1847 Excerpt: ...dedicated solely to death, to night and eternal obscurity.
Succeeding generations, however, of amateurs and plunderers could not, from curiosity and avarice, leave them to the peace they desired.
Everything was turned over, desecrated and plundered by one nation after another, then left at rest, for centuries, and forgotten, then subsequently re-opened, and this has been the mode of proceeding down to the present day.
And yet, it is a question whether everything that lies concealed in these spacious caverns has been found, for Strabo mentions forty royal tombs in this district, and at present only seventeen are known, which have all suffered more or less.
The tomb discovered by Belzoni, although once before imperfectly opened, has remained intact as regards the chief points, and is on account of its inestimable state of preservation, the most remarkable of all.
In the few years which have elapsed since Belzoni's fortunate discovery, the partial destruction which has been effected by virtuosi has been so rapid, that if not arrested this tomb will soon cease to merit distinction from the rest.
I do not so much cry shame upon the destroyers for that which they have taken away--for temptation is great, and there is no proprietor--as on the unparalleled barbarism with which they have broken whole columns Vol.
J and images, to take away a single painted head, or rendered a whole wall with the most valuable hieroglyphic writing useless, and spoiled its effect to get away a few of the most prominent figures; broken down the most beautiful paintings and embellishments covering the projections of the chambers, to see if anything were concealed behind them; wilfully scraped and scratched off the most valuable paintings and works of art, to analyse the colours or t...


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