Birnbaum Guides 2013: Disney Cruise Line: The Official Guide: Set Sail with Expert Advice

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Press: Disney Editions (September 25, 2012)
Author Name:Safro, Jill; Ward, Jessica; Brandon, Pam


Birnbaum’s Disney guides take to the high seas with this comprehensive look at the Disney Cruise Line and all the events, activities, and ports of call to sample aboard the Wonder, the Magic, the Dream, and the Fantasy. 
This year’s edition includes stem-to-stern coverage of all four Disney ships,including:


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  •     This guide was just ok. It covers ALL of the Disney ships, so it can be confusing what features are on the particular boat you are choosing.
  •     Although I found the basic info good, it's no better than on the many Disney forums / web sites; however what let the guide down badly was a total lack of information on Meditteranean cruises.It is a 2013 book, and DCL is in the Med in 2013 (and 2014) and although the Med itineraries are in the first chapter - they are never mentioned again. In the Ports of Call chapter there is nothing at all. In the All Aboard chapter only Port Canaveral and Miami are mentioned as departure ports and no info is given abouit duty free shopping - or anything else pertinent to Europe actually.As we have booked a Med cruise, the book was very little use to us.Disappointed.
  •     Well-written and researched book - especially helpful for someone who has never taken a Disney cruise. I highly recommend it, especially for novice cruisers.
  •     I found this book to be disappointing. It did not contain much that wasn't already available online. In fact, in a lot of places it directed you to look online for the most up to date information. I ordered this book when my first choice's publication was continually delayed. I am hoping that book comes through with greater content. When buying a book I want it to give me the inside scoop...not just the details available on the company's website...but the kind of information I would find if I spent hours searching online chat boards (please save me some time!). I am a planner and very detailed orientated. This book was disappointing. The highlight was the reviews of the different excursions, but even that could've been better - tell me what makes snorkeling in one location better than another...give me more! This book falls flat. You can find the information contained with in...and more online fore free!
  •     While I've generally found the Birnbaum Disney park guides pretty good, this didn't really provide any more value to me than just doing some research online, and joining Disboard did.In hindsight, one thing I think was sorely missing from this guide was any discussion about Fish Extender Exchanges - I'm so glad we found about those, and participated in one on our cruise.
  •     There are not a lot of details in this book. You can find out more by visiting the Disney Cruise Line Website. Still, the score excursion ratings were helpful.
  •     This book is kindof useless. Out of all the pages I would say that maybe 10% are helpful. Save the $ and do some research on the web.
  •     It was a wonderful resource to read before going on our cruise. It helped my plan activities and plan for what to expect.
  •     There has been some helpful info in the book. It is helping to build the excitement for our cruise also.
  •     I was on the Wonder 10 years ago and am going on the Fantasy later in the year and wanted to know what is different. It does give a lot of info I will use. But it does repeat itself a lot. It is well worth the money. Only wish there were more pics of the decks and lodging on the decks. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
  •     This was a handy book to have, but I would agree with others that most of the information in available on the internet. It was a definite read though. There was some great information about the boat and I am passing it along to a future cruiser to help in their planning.
  •     I found the book very informative and extremely helpful. I am glad I purchase it and it will definitely help me plan a Disney Cruise.
  •     I am going on my first Disney Cruise next year and after we booked it I immediately ordered this book. They have always done a phenomenal job with the books for Walt Disney World each year so I know they are the "Go to" for info for Disney. The book is for the most part well written and very informative, especially for a first timer on a Disney Cruise. The reviews of the excursions were very helpful to read as I narrow down what experiences everyone in the family will enjoy. But they did not have a section for the Port of San Juan. I know that they state that some information was not available at press time but they do list San Juan as part of the itinerary for the Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Fantasy. Bit of a bummer, but this book is still worth the purchase, especially if you are new to a Disney Cruise.
  •     This Birnbaum book is decent. It's a small, well formatted summary of the ships, the cruises, and the ports/excursions. Everything in this book I can find online via the Disney site or in the various other web sites. I won't buy another version of this book and will likely just give it away to a friend. If you are considering this book, I strongly recommend the PassPorter's guide to the Disney Cruises. It's far more comprehensive, has specific recommendations on activeities, cabin locations, and excursion details. It's a useful book and in the same price range as this one. It's available from Amazon at
  •     WE are going on a Disney Cruise and wanted and need ed the most comprehensive information we could get GREAT
  •     This, and all other Birnbaum Guide Books for Disney travel, always contain the information I am looking for. This includes the DCL books, the WDW and DL books as well.

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