So, You Want to Be Canadian: All About the Most Fascinating People in the World and the Magical Place They Call Home

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Press:Chronicle Books Chronicle Books (September 2, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-09-02
Author Name:Kerry Colburn,Rob Sorensen


So, you want to be Canadian? Who doesn't these days? Canucks are enjoying a major renaissance in attention, from their enlightened social policies to their wild and wooly pop culture. 
This playful, trivia-packed book is a long-overdue celebration of all things Canadian, from the mysteries of "eh?" to the difference between an Ogo Pogo and a Windingo to how to prepare moose stroganoff (mmm!).
Featuring a dreamy list of Canadian hotties, a toe-tapping roundup of Canadian smash hit songs, a handy CanadianAmerican translator, and pointers on how to eat, dress, and apologize like a Canadian if you weren't lucky enough to be born a Canuck, So, You Want to Be Canadian demonstrates once and for all why Canada is so cool (formerly just cold).


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  •     This was a gag gift for a Canadian friend's foreign husband... big hit.
  •     Go out and buy a copy, now! I'm getting everyone a copy for Christmas. It is a very witty and charming book. I especially liked learning about the mysteries of "eh". This book helped me understand why Canadians are so fascinated with hockey. The delightful illustrations add to the fun.
  •     I have to say that I absolutely loved this book! Not only is it very funny, its also informative for Americans who know little/nothing about Canada and gives a humorous sterotypical view of Canada. I have to say that if you were canadian you might find this funnier than americans because you know all the stereotypes and understand things like Poutine (fries with cheese), toques(hats) and the word "eh". There is many cute little diagrams throughout the book, and would be a perfect gift for an american friend, or give a canadian living in united states a good laugh. Definately worth buying!
  •     Nice read
  •     I love this book. I just got it and have read it twice. It is a delightful romp that at times uncovers some rare tidbits (or is that Tim Bits?) of these underrated people. I particularly enjoyed the comparison between Anne Murray's song 'Snowbird' and the Snowbird aerobatic flying team. This work is a must-have for all Canadians, but I would recommend it for all nationalities. Mmmm....beaver tail.
  •     All you need to know about Canada , filled with humour. It has all the infos you've wondered about Canada.
  •     Came exactly as described. Fast shipping.
  •     I am a Canadian living in the USA. My company does business in both countries and sometimes my US colleagues must go up to Canada and stay a month.
  •     brilliant
  •     So You Want to be Canadian is possibly the funniest and craziest book I have ever read about the wonder that is Canadians.Although the book was written in 2004 and has not been updated (as far as I am aware) it still rings hilariously true. From the discussion about the best way to portray yourself as a Canadian - i.e. apologizing at every turn - to the best this nation has to offer, every little tidbit is an important part of becoming a Canadian. Or at least pretending to be one!I would have liked a whole chapter on Tim Hortons, as it is a national institution, as well as a chapter on the importance we place on open space and hard work. I did however appreciate the subtle digs at American's, who have never been able to best the innocent looking Canadians. After two invasions, you'd think they'd learn ;)I have several friends I plan to pass this onto that like to tease me about being Canadian. Clearly, as this book will show you, they are simply jealous. For all Canadians, or those who aspire, this book is highly recommended!!
  •     I laughed, I cried, I changed my name to Wilfred Laurier.A smart, dazzling corker of a book, and a much needed contribution to 49th parallel solidarity. Savor, in particular, the passages on music and hockey. At times I missed the sober skepticism of Sorensen's earlier writings, but I now know the expectation was misguided. This book is a long awaited gift to Sorensen's fans: best to just be thankful for it. On balance, a winning effort. Maple syrup anyone?
  •     My son-in-law always teases me about being Canadian (in fun), so I bought this for him and told him to start studying.
  •     I live in California being a U.S. citizen. So far, I have visited Canada about 15 times in my life. I've been to many parts of Canada including going as far North as Yellowknife, as far West as B.C., and as far East as Nova Scotia. The scenery is great up there in Canada. My trips to Canada have been pleasantly rewarded by very polite and very friendly Canadian people. Although I already knew much of the material in this book before I read it, I did learn some new things by reading the book. For example, until I read this book, I didn't know that insulin for diabetics was isolated in Canada and that jet skis were invented in Canada. For those who have a sweet tooth, the book mentions about butter tarts in Canada being a mini-pie with raisins. The book mentions about a lot of Canadians saying "Eh" (pronounced AY) which has a lot of uses, but it can be an efficient substitute of "This just my opinion, but don't you agree with it?." This is an excellent informative book which I recommend that people read.
  •     The authors of So, You Want To Be Canadian (it should by all rights have an "eh" at the end of that sentence) have hit on all the essential topics in their humourous attempt to explain Canada to the rest of the world. Maybe it is not much more than beer, hockey, and beavers that make us so special but maybe that is more than enough if some combination of those three things make a people set up universal healthcare, be very polite to one another, and wear toques. After a long time in the United States, this book was a sweet little breath of cooling Arctic air and a chance to laugh at and with my homeland. A few mistakes pop up here and there but for such a slight book it provides a number of laughs and that is a good thing, eh.
  •     Fun read.
  •     Not very informative
  •     Gave it to a friend who is engaged to a Canadian and moving to Canada this year. She and her fiancé loved it.
  •     Fun educational reading and trivial.

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