Wild Caribbean: The Hidden Wonders of the World's Most Famous Islands.

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Press: BBC Books (January 4, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-1
Author Name:Bright, Michael


In our minds the Caribbean is the embodiment of paradise - crystal blue waters, magical coral reefs and lush tropical forests. 
Yet behind its tranquil beauty, the Caribbean conceals many dark and mysterious secrets.
Its volcanic nature - both destructive and creative, powerful hurricanes and tidal waves, and its rich cultural past have all left their marks, carved into the character of the individual islands.
Beautiful photography brings the islands to life in this book: fluorescent hummingbirds buzz past, scarlet ibis fill the sky, fearsome Cuban crocodiles patrol the waters and 70,000 flamingos dance in an unrivalled wildlife spectacle.
The Caribbean is an area we may feel we know, but even today it is still a place of wonder and discovery, with new locations and remarkable stories to explore.

About the Author

Michael Bright is a senior producer with the BBC's Natural History Unit in Bristol, UK. 
His recent films and series include Perfect Shark with Mike deGruy, Natural World: Ant Attack, and British Isles: A Natural History with Alan Tichmarsh.
He is the author of over 75 books including Andes to Amazon (Wild South America), Animal Language, 1001 Natural Wonders and The Wildlife Year as well as a variety of wildlife and environment books for children.



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Comment List (Total:2)

  •     I ordered this by mistake - wanted a DVD, but this came up in my search request (Amazon needs to modify search results to make it clear). Anyway, I thought I'd keep it rather than go through the trouble of returning it. Until I opened it. I'm don't doubt it has good information, but when looking for flora/fauna of a region I want pictures. High quality and lots of them.Not this book.
  •     As usual, the BBC comes through with flying colours.A great book to have in any natural history library.

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