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Press: Arcadia Publishing (April 19, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-4
Author Name:Fierch, Frederick G.


Nestled in the eastern end of Niagara County are the townships of Royalton and Hartland. 
The village of Middleport lies mostly within the town of Royalton, with a small part in the town of Hartland.
When the Erie Canal was built through Royalton and opened in 1824, it connected the interior of the United States with the Atlantic Ocean, and the entire area was forever changed by the canal.
The area earned a reputation as an excellent fruit-farming region and orchards appeared, along with the chemical-spraying industry.
Royalton, Hartland, and especially Middleport became extraordinarily important in these two industries, and the canal was the focal point.
The Erie Canal continued to be a major shipping factor for the region until the barges discontinued use in the 1950s.


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  •     It's so unfortunate that this book was published. Why? Because this book is absolutely riddled with errors. Further, and unfortunately, once an inaccurate historic fact is in print it's almost impossible to try to correct it no matter how hard you try. The author had complete access to everything he needed to ensure correctness. Instead, he rushed this book to print without double-checking his facts.This book had such potential -- to tell the story of an area of Upstate New York with a truly rich heritage. And yet it fails miserably because of all the wrong info it contains. Frankly, this book should be pulled from bookstore shelves until a second edition can be published with all the necessary corrections. Save you money and wait for the next edition.
  •     As a lifelong resident of Middleport, and amateur history buff myself, I can say that I found this book to be really top notch. The pictures were truly amazing and their use and description were well thought out. The author's historical knowledge and research are impeccable as well. I should know since I, along with my family, have lived the history described in the book. I am biased, but this book is my personal favorite in the local series. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.

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