A Antarctic Wildlife: A Complete Guide to the Birds, Mammals and Natural History of the Antarctic

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Press:A & C Black Publishers Ltd A & C Black Publishers Ltd; 2nd edition (December 11, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-12-15
Author Name:Hadoram Shirihai


This spectacularly illustrated book is the only complete guide to the wildlife and natural history of the vast and beautiful Antarctic region. 
Covering the Antarctic continent, the southern ocean, and the subantarctic islands, this guide illustrates all of the region's breeding birds and marine mammals with stunning colour photographs.
In addition to the colour plates, it features distribution maps and up-to-date species accounts expertly detailing abundance, seasonal status, and conservation prospects.
The volume also covers numerous nonbreeding species, migrants, and vagrants.
Regional chapters describe all of the subantarctic islands, in addition to most regularly visited sites in Antarctica, and are accompanied by maps of each area and photographs of each locale.
These chapters present detailed information on geography, climate, geology, general ecology, and flora.
They also address conservation efforts - past, present, and planned.
The book concludes with practical information about visiting the area, including details on the best-available landing sites and notes on seasonal weather conditions.
This is an indispensable companion for a trip far south, as well as an informative volume for anyone interested in the Antarctic region's remarkable, occasionally strange, and frequently beautiful animals.

About the Author

Hadoram Shirihai is an award-winning author who has travelled  extensively in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. 
His previous books include Birds of Israel, Sylvia Warblers and Whales, Dolphins and Seals.


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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     Wow. If you are going to Antarctica, this is the only guide you will need. I bought this on the recommendation of a well-known seabirding expert, who told me that this was the only book I needed for my upcoming trip. She was 100% correct. This covers everything extremely well- birds, mammals, cetaceans, you name it. Excellent plates and photographs. It is moderate sized, but hardcover, but I am planning on bringing it with me anyway. It is also a great resource for studying before my trip.
  •     Easily the best guide to Subantarctic and Antarctic wildlife there is. I recommend this to everyone who joins our trips to the region. Well written, great photos and illustrations and organized in a way that puts needed information right at your finger trips. Though a little heavy because of tits wealth of information, it never leaves my side on trips south.
  •     It is on the heavy side to be used as a field guide, but filled with a great deal of detailed information. Excellent resource.
  •     you can't beat this - or you gotta have at least 7000 pages...

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