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Press: Interlink Publishing Group (February 2002)
Author Name:Pearce, Kenneth


A Traveller's History of Mexico offers a complete and expert history of the country from the earliest times right through to the present. 
It will be welcomed by all those who visit Mexico to see its stunning Aztec and other pre-conquest remains as well as by students studying the Spanish conquest and its effects.
Kenneth Pearce begins with life before the major civilizations of the area took hold then shows the growth of the first elite groups of the Olmecs and Mayans; their culture was finally subsumed into the mighty Aztec Empire which, in its turn, was tragically ended by the arrival of Cortes and might of Spain.
The crushing burden of colonial rule driven by greed and oppression leads to further unrest for many centuries.
The 19th-century War of Independence finally leads to the founding of the Mexican Republic.
The author ends his survey with a portrait of the country facing the new millennium with a rising population and problems with drugs and corruption.
This is a rich and colorful story of a nation full of life and vigor with a many-layered cultural heritage.
Illustrated with maps and line drawings, this handy paperback is fully indexed with a chronology of major events and a gazetteer cross-referenced to the main text.

About the Author

Kenneth Pearce is the author of THE VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE TEMPLE: ANCIENT MAYA CIVILIZATION AND MODERN MAYA CULTURE published by the University of New Mexico. 
The book traces the religious beliefs of the contemporary cultures of Mexico and Guatemala to those of the ancestral Maya.
His current project develops the rise and fall of the Aztec Empire from archival documents written by descendants of Mexican royalty and other ruling groups in the Valley of Mexico.

--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.


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  •     In A Traveller's History Of Mexico, historian Kenneth Pearce provides the reader with an informative, engaging history that begins the prehistoric life of the region, and continues with the coming of the Olmecs and the Mayans (1150-1000 BC), whose cultures were subsumed into the Aztec empire. The reader is treated to a vivid account of Aztec life and its ultimate demise with the arrival off the Spanish conquistadors. The consequent greed, corruption, and oppression of Spanish colonial rule and the Catholic Church are covered in detail. Pearce then moves on to the 19th Century War of Independence which led to the founding of the Mexican Republic, the brief reign of Emperor Maximilian and the Empress Carlotta, the dashing Santa Anna (who led the siege on the Alamo); revolutionaries Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, and other influential characters that were caught up in Mexico's' often violent power struggles. Highly recommended for personal, school, and community history collections, A Traveller's History Of Mexico concludes with the last 70 years of one-party political domination, recently ending with an election of the opposition, and the contemporary social issues of an expanding population, drugs, pollution, corruption, and an oppressed indigenous population.

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