Curucucu: Adventures of a British Ex-Pat in Colombia

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Press: Hellgate Press (September 1, 2010)
Author Name:Curry, Ben


Ben Curry had always dreamed of the adventurous life. 
As a young boy, and eventually as a young man studying at Cambridge University, he knew there must be a bigger, bolder life waiting for him somewhere.
In 1957 he found it.
Or, better yet, perhaps it found him.
That summer, a Cambridge-sponsored botanical expedition took him to a remote region of Colombia where he became captivated with its natural beauty and its people.
A short time later, he purchased a primitive 500-acre homestead and named the fledgling cattle ranch "Curucucú," after a local species of songbird.
The grand adventure had begun.
Follow Ben, his wife, family and friends on an amazing, often humorous journey into the forests, towns and homes of a Colombia few outsiders have ever seen or written about.
Foreword by Louis de Bernières, author of "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"


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  •     An unusual tale of an Englishman who went to South America on a Cambridge sponsored botanical expedition and ended up setting up a ranch in the back woods of Columbia.Trials and tribulation there are many as the author, Ben Curry, tries to set up a working ranch with floods, thieves and kidnappers keeping life all too exciting.At one point, Ben says: "When I bought the farm,I'd never envisaged peddling homemade gin from the back of a donkey."As the ranch develops, Ben wishes he had a companion and the story of his going to England to search for a wife is funny and surprising. He ends up with not only a wife but a ready made family of 4 blond children.All the ups and downs keep one turning pages and wondering how Ben will get out of the next harrowing situation.This gives one a picture of a world most of us will never know and most of us would rather read about than live. However, it would make a most exciting movie but in the meantime, is a very good read.
  •     This is an extraordinary true story of an Englishman who chose the less travelled path when he decided to buy 500 acres of hard-scrabble land in a remote corner of Columbia in the late nineteen fifties. Over the next decades he created his corner of paradise, a thriving cattle ranch and beautiful homestead with the help of the Englishwoman he later married and their combined six children. They confront many unexpected challenges, triumphs, and dangers including how to deal with the local band of communist inspired guerrillas who were becoming increasingly violent, and protect their children from being kidnapped by them for ransom. In another twist, the author has become so integrated in the local community that he finds himself playing a key role in aiding their lucrative drug smuggling activities.I was captured from start to finish by this well told story of such an adventurous, exotic and courageous life. I laughed and I cried. I was scared and amazed. I could almost smell and see the sights and the characters the author so vividly describes. This book has all the elements of a gripping modern Western. If any reader knows a Hollywood producer/scriptwriter with access to deep pockets please send her/him a copy of this book!
  •     I came across this gem of a story by Ben Curry. What a winner! I loved reading about a life that most of us will never experience. He vividly, often humorously, describes rural life in Colombia. I learned of his relationships with local peasants and of his struggles with guerillas, which was fascinating. His story is filled with challenges, adventures, friendships, betrayals, love, loss and acceptance. I learned a lot about Colombian society and history as well as the day-to-day challenges faced by the author as he built a life, first for himself, and later for a growing family in a remote corner of Colombia. The story is well-written and captivating. I highly recommend it!

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