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Press: Arcadia Publishing (November 14, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-11
Author Name:The Healdsburg Museum; Historical Society;


Healdsburg was founded in 1857, when Harmon Heald, gold seeker and pioneer merchant, laid out a central plaza among the trees to serve as the heart of one of California’s early communities. 
As Healdsburg evolved from rough farm town to wine-country destination, the plaza has drawn residents and visitors together to shop, socialize, and celebrate.
The Western Wappo and Southern Pomo people lived on the bounty of this generous land and created the finest woven baskets in the world.
The American settlers in the 1860s found these rich valleys could grow virtually any crop.
In 1871, the railroad opened up new markets for farm produce and established Healdsburg as the center of a prosperous agricultural district.


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  •     The Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society's HEALDSBURG tells of the Northern Sonoma County city founded in 1857 when gold seeker Heald laid out a central plaza to serve as the community center. In 2007 the city will celebrate its 150th birthday: vintage photos captures the years in-between, showing the town's changed from a small farm town to a wine country destination. History comes to life in vintage shots of the town, its notable events and culture, and individuals alike.
  •     The book is a short and biased introduction to European-based history in the area. It only briefly mentions the Pomo and Wappo history, which is infinitely longer than the European one, it also "whitewashes" the Indian extinction in the area as being solely caused by disease, which is only partially true, nor does it mention the government sanctioned killing of the Pomo that went on all around the area or their subsequent removal off their native lands to unsuitable local reservations. There are interesting photos, and granted, the historical photographic evidence of slaughter may be hard to come by, however, the brutal history definitely deserved a mention, to be fair. My review may be biased, but so is this nice, tourist friendly photo essay claiming to be a history.
  •     Very nice collection of photographs that stirred memories of bygone days were included in this book. The depiction of life around the Russian River was excellent. However, there were some inaccuracies of fact and concentration on one or two historical personalities, while others were left out entirely.
  •     great service

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