Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure

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Press:The British Library Publishing Division University Of Chicago Press; 1st limited (150 copies) ed edition (October 1, 2012)
Author Name:Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Edition:1st limited (150 copies) ed Edition


In 1880 a young medical student named Arthur Conan Doyle embarked upon the “first real outstanding adventure” of his life, taking a berth as ship’s surgeon on an Arctic whaler, the Hope. 
The voyage took him to unknown regions, showered him with dramatic and unexpected experiences, and plunged him into dangerous work on the ice floes of the Arctic seas.
He tested himself, overcame the hardships, and, as he wrote later, “came of age at 80 degrees north latitude.”Conan Doyle’s time in the Arctic provided powerful fuel for his growing ambitions as a writer.
With a ghost story set in the Arctic wastes that he wrote shortly after his return, he established himself as a promising young writer.
A subsequent magazine article laying out possible routes to the North Pole won him the respect of Arctic explorers.
And he would call upon his shipboard experiences many times in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, who was introduced in 1887’s A Study in Scarlet.

About the Author

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 –1930) was a British physician and writer most noted for his stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes. 
He was a prolific writer whose other works include science fiction stories, historical novels, plays, romances, poetry, and nonfiction. 


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Just a lot of bloody killing so matter-of fact, with no regard to what they were doing at that time-depressing!
  •     Having been a fan of Conan Doyle most of my life, I thought I had seen all of his writings. What a surprise to see something completely new and completely riveting! I was absolutely delighted.
  •     I was shown this book by a friend who was reading it and very quickly decided this was a fascinating tale, so elected to purchase my own copy. The whole book is very interesting and richly presented.In the end I elected to send my new copy to my grandson in Indiana and a present and will be waiting his comments when he reads it.pccampbell
  •     Fabulous recent find from ACD that was previously unknown. I originally got it from the library, but after reading it decided I needed a permanent copy in my collection. It's almost like a coffee table book.The first half is a facsimile of his actual hand written diary of his experiences on the ship's voyage (while he was on hiatus from med school, prior to his Holmes days), complete with wonderful drawings. The second have is the diary transcribed in print and annotated. It's a wonderful read.One warning: the voyage took place in the later 19th century, a different time with human's interactions with animals. There are graphic descriptions of animal killings (and some drawings), and they seem to kill any/every live animal they see, whether it's a critter they're hunting or not. They seem to do it just for the heck of it.
  •     The first pages (approximately first half) of this book are photocopies of Arthur Conan Doyle's own journal (before his knighthood) of the incredible challenges he faced on an Arctic expedition at the age of 20. That part is difficult to read, but the second half includes the annotated version, which makes this an invaluable primary source for information and insight into the mind of this great author before he was "great."
  •     This is quite interesting and well edited and footnoted. Conan Doyle somehow can make almost anything interesting, even his weird attachment to spiritualism, certainly to the...
  •     I have to start by saying I would not like this in Kindle version. This hardcover is just beautiful and I love reading Arthur Conan Doyle's perfect handwriting.
  •     This wonderful document is a record of a whaling voyage in 1880 made by a crew of Scots and Shetlanders (as if Shetlanders were not Scottish?
  •     Interesting read. But that's all it is.
  •     This is a unique look at the subject. The book is beautifully done with original pages interspersed with commentary and translations. Lovely
  •     I bought this as a Christmas gift for a smart, engaging 15 year old whose ambition is to become an Arctic scientist and whose favorite author is Conan Doyle. But I cheated and read it through before I wrapped it. It's a beautiful edition at a more than reasonable price, and it's a rollicking read, as well, as you would expect from even the youthful Conan Doyle--even then a close observer of the world around him and the people who populate it. The recipient was suitably wowed, just as I was.
  •     This was a gift for a friend. He says it is a great 'bathroom read'...for a guy I guess that says a lot. Probably a few pages at a time is best recommendation for men...
  •     Although one may sicken slightly (or greatly) at the tally of seals knocked on the head, whales slaughtered, and bears bagged, this diary of a whaler's voyage into Arctic waters reveals the very young Doyle as a fearless, observant, and interesting crew member with a hand for drawing as competent as his gift for writing and recording. Doyle already began to 'contain multitudes' at this early age, and you can see how he was becoming the man who would have Holmes and Watson as avatars--himself more the bluff and hearty man of simple tastes, but harboring within the keener mind and sensibility of the observant connoisseur.
  •     This makes a great gift to a teenager/young adult who is somewhat at loss as to a career. It documents the path of one distinguished individual in making that choice. Besides it is a nice pleasant, fascinating read. As an older man who essentially made his living as an economist and statistician, I was somewhat appalled by the brutal notion of making a livelihood from hunting, but the business as a business is a fiine example of of the way business contracts and risks were undertaking in a by-gone era.As a book complete with editotial comments, it is a fine piece of scholarship and very intelligent editing. It was an easyread.
  •     Gave this as a gift, it will be cherished. Contains actual facsimiles from the author's hand. Highly recommended to those who love adventure.
  •     He is an ACD fan from way back ad this is a wonderful addition to your library if you are a fan too. The reproduction of ACD's handwritten narrative is a treat to see.
  •     Fascinating.

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