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Press: Taschen (February 25, 2013)
Author Name:Ireland, Barbara


Weekends on the road: The best of the American Midwest & Great Lakes


Travel,Canada,General,United States,Midwest,Reference

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  •     Great book, arrived safely packaged well.A+++
  •     Of course the writing is why I bought this. It looks lovely in the guest room.I find the choices of what to do in 36 hours rather pedestrian but what the heck,it gets people out of their hotel room and this book is their guide.The cover is a blend of soft and hard cover. Really nice.
  •     This has a rich looking, linen-like cover and makes a nice presentation as a gift. I gave as a hostess gift to a family member who loves to take weekend trips.I'm not sure how valuable it is as a true travel guide, but it is lovely looking and seems entertaining/interesting to read and look through. Recommended as a gift, even if a little impractical!
  •     Wonderful book to read after work and dream of your weekend!
  •     Great to ideas for some big cities and some not so big cities that so often get left out. ,
  •     I had hoped this book would provide options for 'things to do over the weekend' for various places in the Midwest and the Greater Toronto Area.
  •     A real disappointment!Feel these were a real waste of money!
  •     This is my 3rd purchase in the 36 hours series and format is what I wanted and expected, a starting place, point of reference for planning a short weekend.
  •     There were a number of locations we were interested in but we are travelling by boat and some of them are not accessible to us. I could see where it would be very useful for those travelling a more conventional way as the information seems to be complete and relatively current.
  •     We love the NYT 36 hours series. Excited to have the book version to keep around for planning weekend trips.
  •     Everything you need to know in 36 hours!
  •     Really cute book. I use it as a coffee table book for guests to peruse.
  •     I'm not sure how long "The New York Times" has run this feature, but as a subscriber since 1964 it seems like an institution in my traveling life.

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