Fodor's 535 Best Beaches, 1st Edition: in the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico (Full-color Travel Guide)

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Press: Fodor's (November 2, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-11
Author Name:Fodor's


Find the Perfect beach in the U.S., Caribbean, and MexicoGet ready to check another beach off your must-see list! This collection of the best sun-lover’s spots in North America will transport you from the white-sand beaches of Grand Turk to Maine’s rugged coast to the dramatic cliffs of Acapulco.Whether your dream beach is an off-the-beaten-path escape, an exotic and luxurious private island, a low-key surfer hangout, or a classic stay-all-day family favorite, you’ll find it here. 
Dive Right In!• Recommendations for your perfect beach vacation—for romance and relaxation, active adventures, exciting nightlife, fabulous shopping, and more• Illustrated features covering unique experiences in each region: exploring Kaua`i’s N-apali Coast, indulging at Riviera Maya’s spas, sport fishing in Florida, Carnival in Trinidad, chartering a yacht in the Caribbean, and other memorable trip highlights • Insider advice from Fodor’s local writers• More than 300 color photos to inspire your trip

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  •     Our family is in search of the perfect beach getaway this summer and this book was so handy. The pictures are beautiful and dreamy.
  •     535 beaches... That's a lot of beaches!Aside from obvious and fun jokes, this book manages to encompass almost all of the best beaches in North America into something...
  •     Fodor's 535 Best Beaches is a good guide if you're looking for general info on a particular beach. With 535 beaches to review, the info is very limited and brief.
  •     This book may be less true to its title than any other non-fiction book I've ever read. There might be 535 of them, but it's absurd to call these the "best" beaches in the coverage area.First, let's go to the island of Maui. According to this book there are only four beaches worthy of mention. Not included are Kapalua Bay, often appearing on world top-10 lists, and all the Wailea beaches, five or six real gems. Next we go to Oregon, where there are six beaches they rank among the best, even though they're all wind-blown with lots of rough surf. I live in Oregon and love the state's beaches for what they are, but there are literally dozens of beaches on Maui that put Oregon's best beach to shame if you use common standards.Meanwhile, there's Martha's Vineyard, which has 12 of the best beaches. I've never been there, but 12 is twice as many as any Hawaiian island. Going down the East Coast, they lavish praise on all kinds of sand scraps, I think just because every state needs to get its share of love.By the time I got to the Caribbean, the whole reason I got the book, I no longer trusted the authors, so I'll get little guidance from it.It also has the annoying habit of printing photos, mostly in the first 20 pages, without locations. So you see a great looking beach and think, "Where's that? I'd like to go there." But there's no caption to tell you where it is.There are some nice pictures to look at, and there's some information on specific beaches that could be useful, but otherwise this book is a real disappointment.Jim
  •     This book provides a nice overview of many nice beaches in the US, Caribbean and Mexico. However, the coverage for any individual beach is not incredibly extensive.
  •     This book is the absolute perfect starting point to begin dreaming your next vacation! I love that there is a generous mix of beaches that are in the US and the Caribbean and...
  •     Like any book doing a "survey course" style of review, this Fodor's travel guide has lots of hits and misses.
  •     On the plus side, this book has lots of illustrations, which is useful when you're trying to figure out which beaches to visit.
  •     A great overview of the beaches listed, but not too much depth. I think this is a great title if your looking for an area to explore but not really if you want to know about a...
  •     I love beaches and have been to several great spots all over the world. Like many reviewers, I have a passion for beaches.
  •     535 Beaches. That's a lot of beaches! Or so it would seem. But don't be surprised if your local favorites didn't make the list.The book starts with some planning tips. Some budget tips, histories of locations, traveling tips include when to visit.Then the book is divided into sections:The best beaches in the...West CoastHawai'iEast coastGulf coastBahamasNorth CaribbeanEastern CaribbeanSouthern CaribbeanMexicoSo you can see that in 20 pages per section, it's hardly comprehensive for awesome beaches, say, along the western US coast. But the Caribbean is well covered.I was able to look up a few beaches for day trips from our WA state location, but wondered if there weren't more or better beaches available in our area.On the other hand, if I decide to plan a vacation with my husband, and just want a fabulous place to go and enjoy the beach, this book will shine in its ability to help me plan and choose a great location.The book is chock full of photos. Some are simply artistic, candid shots of people and beach themes (like rows of shells). But there are also a lot of interesting views of the featured beaches including views from above.Maps.Comparison charts of features.Places to visit near the beach including historic sites.Really easy to thumb through and enjoy as a reference...or just breeze through reading bits and pieces to fantasize of leaving your desk job and getting away from it all.
  •     Obviously, with 535 beaches included in the book, they can't go into every single detail of every location. However, they have interesting things about each location, safety tips, and many other things that give you a good idea of what to expect.In addition to the fantastic photos, they also have some short sidebars about the culture in many of these locations. An example is that they have pages discussing Reggae music. Similarly, they have an interesting article about lighthouses, how to pick a budget trip, best beaches from different locations, etc.. The maps included are also handy. They give you a complete look at certain locations to give you a better idea of where the beach fits into the surrounding areas. This book is a great way to find a location you want to research or visit. However, once I picked a location, I would combine it with another book about the specific location to get more details.My main complaint is that the photography deserves a larger platform. If it was bigger, it would be the ultimate book to keep on a coffee table for those days you want to take a mental vacation. However, I guess the main benefit of the small stature is that you could carry it with you and find it handy on a stressful day when you need a mental vacation.
  •     Fodor's 535 Best Best Beaches in the U.S. Caribbean, and Mexico is enjoyable to browse with lots of pretty pictures. In that respect, it is a mini coffee table book of sorts.

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