Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal in 1816

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Press: Echo Library (January 28, 2008)
Author Name:Savigny, J. B. Henry


Account of the shipwreck of the Medusa and the adventures of its crew


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  •     The wreck of the Medusa was a scandal that rocked the French government. The Captain of the Medusa,de Chaumareys was a political appointee. Incompetent and nervous, the Captain relied on the advice of a passenger rather than his officers. He thus ran aground 50 miles off the African coast with over 500 passengers aboard. Disdaining any reasonable plan, he then evacuated the boat rather than ferry the passengers to shore. The Medusa was short lifeboats for about 150 of the men on board, so he ordered a raft built. This book is written by one of the fifteen survivors of that raft journey.

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