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Press: Globalbrenda Publishing (March 2003)
Publication Date:2002-3
Author Name:Brenda Elwell


The Single Parent Travel Handbook focuses on planning a trip that will be enjoyed by both the children and their parent, whether that occurs in the U.S. 
or in Zimbabwe.
Elwell helps sort out the troubling details of single parent travel, such as dealing with the dreaded Single Supplement, assembling the documents necessary to travel with children in these security-conscious times, and finding travel agents who specialize in single parent travel.
There are also dozens of destination ideas, ways of coping with most parental dilemmas, the results of a survey of single parents and heartwarming stories by single fathers.
Endorsed by Parents Without Partners, this is one book no single parent can afford to do without!

From the Publisher

The Single Parent Travel Handbook is a "must-read for anyone who wants to make family memories last a lifetime!….Practical tips that really work and suggestions you know had to come from personal experience. 
The stories and articles range from entertaining to downright hilarious.
Read this book even if you can’t afford to travel—it makes you feel as if you are there!"—Kay Brewer, Parents Without Partners

From the Author

Why is single parent travel different than traditional family travel? By definition, the single parent is a working parent, says Brenda Elwell, a travel industry veteran and author of the only travel book focused exclusively on the subject, The Single Parent Travel Handbook. 
Traditional double parent vacations are structured to get rid of the kids so the parents can have couple time, but the single parent always winds up as the ‘odd man out’ stuck somewhere in the space between ‘family couple’ and ‘swinging single.’ Ms.
Elwell has made it her mission to change that.

About the Author

A veteran of over thirty years experience in the travel industry and a worldwide adventurer, Brenda Elwell has lived abroad and traveled to over 60 countries and 45 states, half of them as a single parent with her two kids in tow. 
Her work has been praised by her readers and the New York Times, Rudy Maxa’s Savvy Traveler radio show, Travel Weekly, Time Magazine, Washington Post, Frommers, Parents Magazine, MSNBC as well as other media.
Addicted to adventurous travel to remote and exotic places, Ms.
Elwell is at home anywhere on the planet.


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  •     The Single Parent Travel Handbook by Brenda Elwell is an expressly practical travel guide for single parents and shows them how to plan ahead, pack, take care of documents and vaccinations, as well as providing them with suggestions for fun activities, anecdotes from single moms and single dads, and much, much more. The Single Parent Travel Handbook is a warmhearted, "reader friendly", and earnestly recommended guidebook devoted to the special concerns and problems associated with single parent travel.
  •     Although I am not a single parent, the information about how to choose a location, budget and plan for a trip, as well as detailed information about travel overseas is very helpful for all travelers, especially those going with children.The personal anecdotes from the author as well as other single parents also make the book entertaining as well as a "how to."
  •     I am a single dad with a 5 year old daughter and this book is an excellent resource for all of our adventures!

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