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Press:Rough Guides Rough Guides; 5th edition (December 2, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-12-02
Author Name:Rob Humphreys


This detailed handbook provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of Prague, past and present. 
It includes a full-colour section introducing Prague's highlights, as well as comprehensive coverage of the sights, from the spectacular castle complex to the Baroque backstreets of the Old Town.
The guide also features lively reviews of the best places to stay, eat and drink, plus the low-down on the city's nightlife.
Detailed accounts of day-trips are given, to the medieval silver-mining town of Kutna Hora and other nearby attractions.
The author also offers informed background on Prague's history, politics and culture.

About the Author

Rob Humphreys joined Rough Guides in 1989 and has travelled extensively in central and eastern Europe, writing guides to Prague, the Czech & Slovak Republics, St Petersburg and London.


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Comment List (Total:5)

  •     The book I receiuved was eleven years old. Several of the restaurants(in particular) were no longer open. It was a waste as a current guide to Prague.
  •     Spot on and incisive. Great advice on what to see and do in Prague. And very thorough. From restaurant recommendations to finding that out of the way laundry, this book has it all. If you're going to Prague for a weekend or a month, I can't imagine a more valuable item tucked away in your suitcase.
  •     This book is packed chock-full of information, but its strength is also its weakness. The dense text is good for those who want detailed information, but is harder to flip through and to use for quick planning or decisions. Most useful for those who may be in Prague for a longer period and want in-depth information. The restaurant and accommodation listings are helpful.
  •     Like most people, I guess, I'd researched Prague, Czech Republic online, and via some travel articles I'd saved. I had heard of the Rough Guide series (just as I also skimmed through the "Hip Guides" online), and thought to give this a try, in addition to an updated Michelin guide of Europe. A great choice! The section near the beginning, featuring city highlights, offered beautiful photos, and was inspiring just as the captions were enticing.The book's organization into different "contextual" components can be a bit un-ergonomic at times, and other times was useful. There's more info than will probably be needed for a short stay, but still my walking tour guide was very impressed by my historical knowledge of the city and country, and much of the credit for that belongs to this book.While the Michelin Guide covered more cities (and countries), this guide is dense-packed with "everything you might want to know about Prague", and probably much more. Focusing specifically on the city of Prague, it covers not only the streets and customs, but larger historical context and suggestions for excursions outside the city. (e.g., to nearby Kutna Hora)Interestingly, I ran into a friend in Stockholm who expressed disappointment in the book she had with her -- Rough Guide to Sweden, and I suppose it's a bit like the case of Michelin -- covering so much territory it's bound to suffer in the detail it can provide on any one city when its covering an entire country or continent. The same may be true of the Rough Guides in that they excel in zooming in on a particular city, but may not be as completely satisfying in covering a given city when the book covers an entire country. I can't generalize, but I do know that for this city, at least, the Rough Guide was full of useful information, interesting background and context, and enticing photographs of some of the architectural highlights.I'd definitely recommend Rough Guide to Prague for anyone comtemplating a vacation in this very unique, beautiful, and historically rich city. It's a photographer's dream, as well as a city made for lovers of architecture, history, or Pilsener beer. This book and a quick sampling of photos and travel articles online, offers all you need to know to begin enjoying the treasures of Prague.
  •     The book PRAGUE is absolutely amazing tourist guide that goes beyond the basic facts about the city. Especially, the rich history, architecture, art styles are captured in factually detailed and at the same time seen in modern point of view of the author. I am Czech myself living in US and gave this book to an American friend of mine...

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