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Press:Big Earth Pub Prairie Oak Press (August 2002)
Author Name:Dacquisto, Todd


Photographer and Milwaukee native Todd Dacquisto portrays the spirit of Milwaukee in this stunning collection of color photographs.


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  •     I received this book as a gift and I think it is easily one of the best pictorial tours of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that I have ever seen. The talent of this photographer is extraordinary. The book walks you through the seasons as if you were really there. I have been to Milwaukee many times and never knew about some of the beautiful scenes that are captured in this book. Not only do you see the sites of Milwaukee; you are introduced to the great mix of people that live there. I recommend this book both for it's content and a study in great photography. I would love to know what the photographer had to do to get some of these great shots.
  •     This book is so-so and full of pics that look like pretty much anyone could have taken. Sorry, but it's just not very good.
  •     When I travel and stay with a host family, I look for a gift to bring them that reflects my home city. I've always really wanted it to be a book of photographs, but could never find one that does Milwaukee justice (except for a few that were too expensive and heavy to bother with). This book is perfect - I'm sure I'll find myself buying copy after copy for my travels. Thanks, Todd.
  •     Milwaukee by Wisconsin photographer Todd Dacquisto is a gorgeous, full-color montage visual celebration of urban life and joy in Wisconsin's largest metropolis. Very few captions and almost no text interrupt these pristine, clear, and memorably beautiful images. Milwaukee is a highly recommended as a souvenir book for anyone looking to celebrate their fond memories of this great Wisconsin city.
  •     I live between Chicago and Milwaukee and go to Milwaukee often for the ease of traffic getting to and around the city~I have my favorite places, but this book has me wanting to explore more~there are more gems than I realized.

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