The Mysterious North Shore: A Collection of Short Stories About Ghosts, UFOs, Shipwrecks and More

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Press:Adventure Pubns Adventure Publications (July 16, 2007)
Author Name:Mayo, William/ Barthel, Kathryn


This collection of short stories features more than 20 real accounts of ghosts, UFOs, shipwrecks and more.


Travel,United States,Midwest,Religion & Spirituality,Occult & Paranormal,UFOs,Ghosts & Hauntings

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  •     I just picked up a copy of this book at a local bookstore and it is phenomenal. The short stories are all based on true happenings, most of which I believe have never been in print before. I am very impressed with the way the authors presented the stories. Some of these tales are the most bizarre I have ever read, and yet they are full of emotion and depth. The north shore of Lake Superior is a fascinating area already, famous for its many mysteries, and the authors did a brilliant job of digging up the strangest, most obscure tales of all. Mayo and Barthel obviously did a lot of original research to present a book that brings the reader into worlds undiscovered. Among the captivating stories of UFO's, Bigfoot, shipwrecks, ghosts, and survival are tales with topics complex and unexplainable in ways that cannot be imagined. The characters they bring to life in these stories are both fascinating and sometimes almost frighteningly real. I was awestruck by The Starving Moon, which is a particularly haunting tale of a woman who survives an absolutely harrowing experience on the famed Isle Royale. The writing is smooth and poetic and due to the short length each story is easy to get through in a brief sitting. My husband and daughter are enjoying it as well, we even found ourselves reading the stories out loud to each other after dinner one night. If you are on the lookout for a book that explores the mysterious from a unique, profound perspective you can't miss this. With its original research and multifaceted focus, this book is one of a kind. I only wish the book were longer...but perhaps they'll put out another installment.
  •     A fun read.
  •     Being I'm from the area and also grew up with the author Bill (an avid outdoorsman and no nonsense chap) I found the book extremely intriguing. I had heard 1 or 2 of the stories before and found the book a truly fun read.I bought the book here at Amazon and read it in like 2 days, actually found myself rushing to bed early to lay and read the book.Everything a person who believes in the Paranormal would want in a book, even if your a skeptic the stories are fun reads and leave it up to the reader to take it as they wish.The North Shore of Minnesota's Lake Superior is truly a beautiful,captivating,and mysterious place and the authors have captured a few prime tales of it's mystery in this book.Good job Bill & Kate, Keep em coming =)Butch Bodin
  •     I bought this for my grandsons who love ghost stories. It was easy enough for them to read and the chapters were short so they didn't lose interest. I would recommend this b ook.

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