Popping Up Across America: A Travelogue and How To Guide

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Press: AuthorHouse (June 7, 2006)
Author Name:Corby, Arlene Trainor


You don't need a lot of money or a luxurious motor coach to camp in awesome surroundings while exploring America. 
Arlene and Charles Corby did it in a pop-up camper.
Four days into retirement, they left with a full tank of gas and big dreams.
Their schedule was to be in Savannah for St.
Paddy's Day; New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival and San Antonio for Fiesta.
Their trip lasted two years and covered 50,000 miles.
From the heat of the Louisiana bayous to the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean, adventure was at every turn.
They found that traveling in a pop-up camper was economical, low maintenance, and a lot of fun.
Share their journey and learn how to.
*Adjust to life on the road *Make your camper a home *Live 24/7 with your mate and enjoy it! "This is a humorous, down-to-earth, book filled with useful information about camping life along the highways and by-ways of America.
Even if you don't camp, you'll enjoy it." Frank Planes, Avid Camper and Photographer "Your enthusiasm comes through, both for travel and for life in general.
Some descriptions have a lyrical brilliance that makes for enjoyable reading." Deanna Bennett, Leader, East Lake Writers Workshop Visit www.poppingup.com for pictures and camping links.


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  •     The book was in Good condition. received the book quickly. Just the right gift for my in-laws. Thank you for a great purchase.
  •     I am new to camping in a pop up and this book is perfect, makes me realize how to enjoy simple and not structured Rv camping should be for some. I read this book cover to cover because it was so well written and fun.
  •     It was nice to read this story about this couple. I like the way she keeps it real, and touches on marriage. I would recommend this to anyone and hope to have this same experience with my husband someday.
  •     This book seriously makes me want to hit the road and explore the "highways and byways" of America. It is funny, easy to read, well-researched and gave me new insight into places I have never even thought of visiting. Corby and her husband Charles obviously have a great zest for life and step up and talk to people who are strangers and leave them as friends. This book will also help people avoid some of the pitfalls of "living on the road" as it gives the reader a lot of practical information as well as a list of "tried and true" (or not so good) campsites across the U.S. I have never considered a "Pop-Up" before but with today's gas prices I might consider it!
  •     I downloaded this for free, and was glad I did. The author was very personable and obviously enthusiastic about traveling the country in their pop-up camper. She certainly made me want to buy a trailer and take off on an adventure!
  •     This is a real departure from the typical RV "how to" book. Enjoyable to read from an author who has obviously been there and done that.
  •     Valuable information about packing up and organizing trailer. Travelog just not that interesting.
  •     This book is mostly about the couples travels around the country. It was a pleasant read.
  •     Not the most smooth writing style (with spelling and grammatical errors) but the story is very entertaining and fun to read.
  •     This book is just what I was looking for .It is well written and has a lot of information about camping in a pop-up which we have but have not been able to use much.Now that my husband is retired we will be able to travel more and this book has a lot of information on places to go and travel tips.
  •     I just finished reading this book and enjoyed it. Although I really didn't need to know what and how often the author drank, or when and where she attended church, the places they...
  •     This was mostly just a travelogue of the travels. If you like that kind of thing, you'd enjoy it. I was more interested in the "How to" which was very limited. We have owned 3 pop-ups so I wanted to see how they had used theirs on their travels. It's OK but not great as a "How To".
  •     I'm reading this book now, and although I am enjoying it, the writing is not very good and it needed a serious editor. It has numerous typos (e.g., loose instead of lose, boarder instead of border) and grammatical errors. Even so, I'm glad I bought it.
  •     More of a diary about places traveled to than a book about how to camp in a pop up.

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