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Press: Vendome Press (September 1, 2012)
Author Name:Baig, Amita; Singh, Joginder;


The Indian subcontinent offers a fascinating collection of historic forts and royal palaces waiting to be explored. 
Over the centuries, as kingdoms rose and fell or expanded into mighty empires, the need for protection against invaders resulted in the building of magnificent forts and fortified citadels across the country.
Many of these fortresses sheltered entire cities, as well as royal palaces and pleasure gardens that were known for their splendor and luxury.Mighty Maharajas: Forts and Palaces of India brings together a unique architectural legacy—from ancient forts mentioned in Hindu epics to strongholds built by succession of rulers, arranged geographically within a historic or aesthetic context.
The narrative provides glimpses of history enlivened by stirring tales of valor and sacrifice while lavish color photographs reflect the cultural heritage of each palace and fort, bringing the royal experience to life for the reader.Praise for Mighty Maharajas:"Mighty Maharajas: Forts & Palaces of India by Amita Baig is a beautiful book featuring nearly sixty, very impressive buildings throughout the country.
From a design standpoint I am particularly drawn to the bold colors and the acute attention to detail.
Take a look!" —Home Design with Kevin Sharkey"Mighty Maharajas: Forts & Palaces of India tours more than 60 historic sites throughout India, including crumbling hillside bastions, royal quarters adorned with dizzying glass mosaics, and opulent colonial-era villas that blend local and European styles." —Elle Décor"It's fascinating to see how the distinct Indian aesthetic has endured and evolved amid thousands of years of upheaval and outside influences.
Architect and photographer Joginder Singh's breathtaking images are there to satisfy those who learn by looking.
Singh masterfully captures the play of light and a sense of scale.
After coming to the last page, I find myself making all sorts of connections between Indian buildings, textiles, jewelry and fashion." —Style Court blog“Mighty Maharajas by Amita Baig, with opulent photographs by Joginder Singh, covers select forts and palaces across the length and breadth of the country, along with their fascinating history.
The sumptuous book also offers an interesting glimpse into the lifestyle of the royalty.” —An Indian Summer blog“With over 319 color illustrations showcasing ancient forts and palaces, you could lose yourself for hours.
Informative narratives offering glimpses of these amazing edifices and their dramatic history as well as photographs illustrating their grandeur and opulence will keep you turning the pages.” —Annechovie blog“Blending history, architecture, and photography, [Mighty] Maharajas takes readers deep into the Indian subcontinent.”—Entertainment Weekly



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  •     Mighty Maharajas covers the forts and palaces of India over a period of more than a 1000 years beginning in the 10th century AD. The book is divided into 11 sections each of which either deals with a specific type or locale for the various forts or palaces under discussion. From Ancient Forts to Colonial Settlers, MM illustrates the opulence of Indian palaces and forts in breathtaking color. These are a far cry from the Medieval fortresses of Europe or the "outpost fortresses" of the Roman Empire or the American West. The magnificence of art and architecture are wedded to the functional necessities of forts and palaces; and no two are alike. The sheer size of so many makes Versailles look like a glorified cottage (except for its splendiferous gardens). The forts and palaces appear to be more like small cities and only serve to highlight and emphasize the enormous chasm that existed (and still exists) between those who ruled in India and those who were ruled. It's no wonder that India was considered to be the "jewel in the crown" of the British Empire. That being said, this is a most worthwhile book to own for anyone interested in this aspect of Indian architecture and culture. A copy in very good condition would not be beyond one's purse strings.
  •     unusual subject-tackled and well explained
  •     LOVED this book...first saw it at the exhibition called Maharajahs in Chicago in October at the Museum of Natural History....Only disappointment of the book was that it did not have maps of each location....I kept wanting to refer to where each wonderful fort or palace was. Otherwise, if you love India, this is great. Gwen Johnson
  •     We've been to many of these palaces. Tho photographies are really excellent and always bring back good memories.

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