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Press: International Travel Maps and Books; 1 edition (February 22, 2010)
Author Name:ITMB Publishing Ltd


Travel atlas for the southern portion of South America. 
Includes coverage of Chile at the scale of 1:1,125,000, Argentina at 1:2,2000,000, Tierra del Fuego at 1:750,000, and Easter Island at 1:38,000.
Also includes detailed city center maps of Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.


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  •     Do not buy this map pamphlet. It is a disgrace.There are 2 primary problems with the booklet. First, it is not well organized. Second, it is inaccurate.On the first point, the Chilean portion and the Argentinean section are very difficult to integrate and cross reference. The two countries are mapped in separate sections and in different scales. OK, I can understand that such organization might make sense given different information sources used to create the map, or simply the fact that the countries are shaped and sized differently. However, there is ZERO cross referencing in the map pages. You are looking at a given latitude in Chile and you want to cross to Argentina? sorry, there is no page reference. Really?In trying to rectify the above problem, I was paging through each chilean map and writing the page number for the adjacent Argentinean map. But you know what? the information for the two countries is COMPLETELY different. The chilean map would show a major highway crossing the andes into Argentina at a given latitude, but then you turn to the Argentina map and there is NO HIGHWAY AT ALL for 500 kms! This degree of inconsistency happens every time you flip between the two countries, from the Atacama desert to tierra del fuego.I'm glad I discovered this while I still have a chance to re-order a different map before pedaling my bicycle across the phantom passes.Seriously, ITMB? You should be ashamed.

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