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Press: Grey Fox Press; Fifth or Later Edition edition (January 1, 2001)
Author Name:Snyder, Gary


Book by Snyder, Gary


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  •     this book really makes you want to get out the old rucksack and hit the road, or seas, or however you'd get to india from where ever you are....good old allen ginsberg pops in for a bit of the trip too!
  •     Heard Snyder at his bio-pic PRACTICE OF THE WILD, was charmed. Found this little gem, appealing to me because of my own passages through India. A travelogue of the now-famed poet over six months in India, between stints in Japan. Read and savored in an easy afternoon over dosa at Udupi Palace and coffee at Ritual Roasters, so I felt right at home rucksacking it right here in Frisco. Book is mostly a plain account, without much flourish, but gives ample entertainment as Snyder and his then-wife Joanne hit the Dharma trail through India and Nepal, encountering Alan Ginsberg along the way. An adventure that doesn't inflate adventuring, just good observations about life on the road, seeing the sights and sadhus, meeting the mystics and dancing their dance. A bit of opium and ancient porno too. Rich, succinct and steady. Gained a few nice tips about beggars, or at least how Gary and Allen dealt with them. Nice bit on Dalai Lama in about 1962, young and fresh from Tibet. Seems to have impressed Snyder, who writes a few paragraphs about him, more than other spiritualists he writes about. Good eye. Finished the book, as it turns out, the day after Gary Snyder's birthday. Happy Birthday, Gary, and thanks!
  •     I'm not sure if it's because many thing about India haven't changed but this account of 1960 wasn't that different than my trip this year. Gary Snyder is always spare of words & he does India justice in his travelogue. This is a pleasure to read.

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