Syria, the Desert and the Sown

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Press: Cosimo Classics (September 1, 2007)
Author Name:Bell, Gertrude L.


Gertrude Bell's 1907 work Syria, The Desert and the Sown is travel literature of the highest order. 
She wanted to tell the stories of the people she met on her tremendous adventure through an often-misunderstood land.
She found the inhabitants of Syria diverse and incredibly accepting of such diversity.
One man could walk down the street veiled, while another could be almost entirely unclothed, and neither would cause an uproar.
Her observations are, perhaps, unbelievable to modern readers, making her book as much a window in time as it is a thrilling adventure.
Readers familiar with the history of T.E.
Lawrence and his Arabian adventures will find Bell's tales of equal value and interest.
Students of history will find her catalog of Syrian life and customs a valuable firsthand account.
British writer GERTRUDE LOWTHIAN BELL (1868-1926) was a powerful force in Arabia in the early 20th century.
Along with T.E.
Lawrence, she helped establish the Hashimite dynasty in Jordan and Iraq.
She traveled widely, especially in the Middle East, and spoke a number of languages.
During her life she published only a handful of books, including Persian Pictures (1894) and Hafiz Poems (1897).


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  •     Gertrude Bell never disappoints as an intelligent and incisive commentator on the middle east of her time and to that extent I thoroughly recommend this book.What hugely disappoints however is the quality of this electronic edition. No attempt whatsoever appears to have been made to proof read the scanned version. Consequently it is full of typical OCR errors and this detracts from the pleasure of the read. It is solely for this reason I have not given the book a higher rating
  •     This low rating is only about the publication quality of this cheap ($0.99) kindle version. None of the pictures or maps is included at all. Also, there are no working links between the Table of Contents and the actual locations. There are no working links to chapter headings.The more expensive ($9.61) Kindle version is full of pictures, and I will likely soon buy that one.
  •     This book is so poorly edited and spell checked some spots are unintelligible.The photographs are so small you couldn't make out the details without a magnifying glass.The writing is good for a first-person account of the people,time and place.

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