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Press: Garden Way Pub Co; 1st edition (May 1987)


Written by an experienced world traveler, this updated and revised edition offers advice on health, security, customs, packing, jet lag, the travel industry, and more, enabling a traveler to minimize frustration and maximize enjoyment and discovery. 
Also includes individual chapters for the adventurer, disabled travelers, families, and seniors.

From Library Journal

Most of these tips from Burns will help the novice and inform seasoned travelers about, for example, international driving permits and foreign pay phone cards. 
None of this replaces a good travel agent, who might urge cancellation insurance (which Burns never takes out).
Some hints are odd, like adding salt to local (boiled/bottled) water that tastes bad.
Burns concentrates on overseas travel by air, boat, auto, and rail.
Unwisely, details of escorted bus tours, a delightful way to view Ireland, Italy, Portugal, etc., are omitted.
Good advice on packing, foreign exchange, bargaining, beggars, tipping, and more is read mellifluously by Suzanne Toren.
A welcome addition to the travel section of popular libraries.AGordon Blackwell, Eastchester, NYCopyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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"A welcome addition to the travel section of popular libraries."." . 
pearls of wisdom worthy of a second or third listening."

--This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

From the Back Cover

Are you ready to travel? See if you know how to deal with these common travel situations: You have a stopover in a foreign city. 
What is the best way to spend that time? (See Chapter 1, "Setting a Course.") Where is the best place to sit when traveling by train with children? (See Chapter 9, Getting Around.") You are a woman traveling alone and an annoying man has attached himself to you.
What is the first thing you should do? (See Chapter 17, "The Solo Traveler.") What is the best mode of transportation in a foreign city? (See Chapter 12, "Enjoying Youself.") What items should never be packed in a suitcase to travel in a baggage compartment? (See Chapter 5, "What to Take.") What is the best age at which to take a child on a trip to another country? (See Chapter 18, Traveling with Children.") What is the best way to dress for a long airplane trip? (See Chapter 5, "What to Take.")

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About the Author

Author Deborah Burns spent her childhood years in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, but by the time she was in her 20's she had a desire to see the world. 
For the next ten years of her life Deborah was able to fulfill that dream, visiting many countries and working in various fields.
Besides traveling through the West Indies and Europe, Deb worked in canneries in Alaska and traveled through South America where she was hired to dive for diamonds in an underground river in the Venezuelan bush.
She worked as a reporter in India and helped start a still-thriving newspaper in Ireland, the country she considers her second home.
Her many experiences have led to the excellent advice found in her book, Tips for the Savvy Traveler.
Deborah came back to the United States with her husband to have the first of her two children.
She has written a few history books, including Shaker Cities of Peace Love, and Union: A History of the Hancock Bishopric, and is now an acquisitions editor at Storey Communications, Inc.
Deborah now shares her love of traveling with her family.

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From AudioFile

Written as a collection of short travel tips arranged into chapters by topic, this audiobook is directed mostly at overseas travelers. 
Burns describes every imaginable way to travel, from walking to cargo ship, and provides excellent travel ideas.
Toren reads like the savvy professional that she is.
Her cheerful and clear voice sounds slightly mechanical, not unlike a recording.
Beginning with fast jazzy music, each chapter has a musical introduction specific to a region or country.
Short snippets of Scots, reggae, snake-charming, luau, salsa and safari music give the production a festive tone.
(c) AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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  •     Deborah Burns writes with an easily readable style and provides thorough coverage of topics many authors leave out, such as hitchhiking, freighter travel, and dealing with beggars. She also gives special attention to concerns common among female travelers, like safety in social situations overseas. Helpful checklists for planning and packing are included, and the index is very well done.This book was published in 1997 and is a little dated now (which is the only reason it gets four rather than five stars). Most of what it covers hasn't changed, though, and readers interested in travel will still find it extremely useful as a supplement to other books.
  •     I love to travel. I have seen a lot of America but have never left the country, however, I want to desperately. I am not at an age yet that I can travel alone or make my own travel plans but I dream of the day that I can. This book gave me lots of ideas. I just couldn't stop thinking of the trips I would take one day. This is a great book for any person who loves to travel, is planing a trip, or, like me, is waiting for the day they can hop on a plane and fly to Europe.
  •     This book needs to be updated. I am listening to the audio version and it talks about Italian Lira. It also states that it may not be safe to drink water in Southern Europe.
  •     Well organized, comprehensive and easy to read travel guide that covers all types of travel whether it's for business or pleasure. Includes a lot of safety tips that everyone should consider before they leave home.

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