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Press: *Frommers; 6 edition (November 15, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-11
Author Name:Greenspan, Eliot


Full-color throughout, with a free full-color foldout map and a new wildlife chapter with photos. 
With Frommer's in hand, you'll experience the wonder of Costa Rica's amazing biodiversity, as we point out the best places to see hundreds of unique, colorful species of animals and plants.
Completely updated every year, Frommer's Costa Rica features gorgeous color photos of the lush rainforest and the spectacular beaches that await you.
Personally researched by a longtime resident, it's the only truly up-to-date guide that gives you such in-depth coverage of this fast-changing country, with recommended accommodations in every price category.
This edition also features expanded coverage of the Central Valley, the Nicoya Peninsula, and Guanacaste.
Insightful commentary and opinionated reviews.
You'll visit rugged wilderness preserves and sleepy beach towns, spectacular orchid gardens and mineral hot springs at the foot of a steaming volcano.
There are adventures here to suit all ages and abilities: swooping from treetop platform to treetop platform on a canopy tour, taking a dip in a jungle swimming hole, spotting playful spider monkeys as you hike through lush foliage, windsurfing on Lake Arenal, or watching endangered sea turtles nest on the beach.

From the Back Cover

Hundreds of color photos Free pocket map inside,plus easy-to-read maps throughout Exact prices, directions, opening hours,and other practical information Candid reviews of hotels and restaurants,plus sights, shopping, and nightlife Itineraries, walking tours, and trip-planning ideas Insider tips from local expert authors

About the Author

Eliot Greenspan is a poet, journalist, musician, and travel writer who took his backpack and typewriter the length of Mesoamerica before settling in Costa Rica in 1992. 
Since then, he has worked steadily as a travel writer, food critic, freelance journalist, and translator, and continued his travels in the region.
He is the author of Frommer’s Belize, Frommer’s Ecuador, Frommer’s Guatemala, Costa Rica for Dummies, and Costa Rica Day By Day, as well as the chapter on Venezuela in Frommer’s South America.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Completely worthless. We left it somewhere intentionally because it was so worthless. Don't waste your money. Spent 2 1/2 weeks in Costa Rica and the book did exactly 0 to help.
  •     Used this guide a lot on our recent trip to Costa Rica and it was very informative. The only thing I don't believe it included which would be very helpful would be a list of common road signs in the Spanish-English "common terms" section in the back, to help drivers. Things like the words for yield, slow, caution, bridge, men working, school zone, etc.
  •     This book is great for new and experienced travellers. I have a temporary business consulting assignment in CR coming up in early 2013. Even though Ive been there once before, the updated version is full of new information and included a far superior map compared to what I had used before. Also, there have been some new additions on the eco tourist venue which is always changing for the better, interesting and alot of fun. This will be one of the better trips we get to take with Lspba!
  •     Perhaps it's just difficult to write good guide books on Costa Rica due to the ever-changing landscape of the country, but this is literally the worst guide book I've ever used in my travels and I go on 2 international trips per year. Prior to this book, I bought Moon Costa Rica which was equally as terrible so I returned that one in hopes that this would be better and it's still not. I don't know who is writing these good reviews, but I bet they are people who get the book for free through Amazon to review and then have never been to Costa Rica.I was doing a lot of research on Costa Rica prior to receiving this book and a lot of the places/companies I've read about are either not in the book at all, or mentioned in passing as a one-liner. Including the gorgeous hotel I stayed at in the Arenal Volcano National Park (Arenal Manoa), which was not even mentioned in this book and yet has 481 reviews on TripAdvisor with an average rating of 4.5. I really think this book tried to mention as many places as possible. It reads like a list of mentions of various hotels and restaurants. Once in a while there is a more detailed description but this book really lacks the detail you would need to decide between 2 or 3 places. It justs lists the 3 and you have to go do further research to make educated decisions. Some of the suggestions are very outdated. One of the restaurants it mentioned in Brasalito is a shell of a building now, makes me wonder if this "updated for 2012 version" was actually updated at all.In the case of the 2 guide books i bought for Costa Rica, i think i was better off with no guide book at all and just doing my own research on TripAdvisor. We luckily had Wifi at most hotels and restaurants in Costa Rica and relied quite heavily on the TripAdvisor app for our nightly restaurant selection.
  •     I don't travel to another country without my copy of Frommer's! I first discovered the London edition and fell in love. Each guide has simply everything you need to know about traveling to each country. There are sections on currency, travel inside of the country as well as things you should visit and things to avoid. This book is SO useful. There are wonderful restaurant recommendations and suggestions for different hotels. Each restaurant, activity, or hotel also has small icons telling you the price range, whether or not they accept credit cards and a rating for how strongly it's recommended. I've looked at other's books but I don't believe that Frommer's can be beat!
  •     Great buy and contains lots of information that won't change in a year.
  •     Was most helpful in planning our trip. The information proved to be most accurate.
  •     Love these books
  •     Great guide, spot on
  •     This was my first time going to Costa Rica. This guide helpped me prepare for what I needed to take with me, great sights to consider, dangers to avoid, etc. I carried with me on a ten day trip used to identify animals, birds, etc. and also was able to check out details of the locations that were on our agenda for the next day. Several travels with us borrowed during the trip to research specific items. It was a great resource if you have never been to Costa Rica.
  •     Compared to 3 other travel guides read, I used this the most. Great lay out as well as up to date information. Map also attached. Recommend saving money by buying this book only. You will not be disappointed.
  •     good value for money
  •     I bought the Frommer's guide based on my previously being happy with them when I travelled. I loved that this guide comes in full color and includes a lot of pictures. I realize that there is a lot of information about CR to include in this type of guide book, but I felt that it should have been more detailed.The hotel and attractions information was very accurate in terms of descriptions and pricing. I was a little let down by some of the recommended restaurants, in particular Stella's Bakery in Monteverde and El Patio Latino Bistro in Manuel Antonio. Both restaurants were overpriced and had mediocre food in comparison to some of the other recommendations in this book and previous history with Frommer's guides.I also thought that the book needed more maps, in particular of Manuel Antonio National Park, the Monteverde Cloud forest, and the town of La Fortuna. We only visited three destinations, so I'm sure there are plenty of other places where the maps are lacking.One big attraction that was left out of the guide in Monteverde is the Sloth Sanctuary. This was one of my highlights in the area and the proceeds go towards a noble cause-the sloths.Overall, this is a good book but it does not hold up to the Frommer's standard. I would buy it again, but Tripadvisor is a great help to fill in the gaps.
  •     I used to rely on Frommer's guides for most of my travel planning and was usually satisfied. This particular one resulted in a major disappointment during the trip because the change in national park policy was not reflected in the book. The highlight of Tenorio volcano national park is bright blue rio Celeste and its waterfall. According to the book, swimming is allowed. It was the case in the past but have been changed 4 years ago (way before 2013 edition came out). This ability to swim in amazing blue water made us adjust our plans and visit Tenorio park instead of Rincon de la Vieja we originally intended. As the result we were hugely disappointed, which tinted our experience of the beautiful park. I will stay away from Frommer's guides in the future, now that I know that the information printed is not really verified.
  •     Best trip ever! Good resource.
  •     A++
  •     What I expected. Good travel guide.
  •     Use full

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