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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Lrg edition (May 14, 2011)
Author Name:Berwick, MR Dennison


Determined to experience the mighty Amazon for himself, Dennison Berwick travelled alone for more than year in a small canoe along major rivers and unnamed tributaries. 
At night he slung a hammock between trees in the forest, surrounded by all the noises of creatures active in the darkness.
He walked for a week to reach the source of the Amazon in the snow-capped Andes in Peru; got lost in the forest; took hallucinogenic ayahuasca and ended his adventure by trying to convince an angry hunting party of Yanomami Indians that he was not a gold-miner attempting to rob them.
Praise for "Amazon" "…not just another travel book.
(The author has) a sharp eye, an inquisitive nose and boundless compassion for the river dwellers…" Environment Brazil "…as much a fascinating and timely record of the people of the rainforest as it is the story of a personal quest.
The Traveller.
"Berwick's vision…is acute." Country Life


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  •     It was a good fifteen years since I first read and was enthralled by 'Amazon'. This very interesting book was written by a young travel writer named Dennison Berwick.Since that happy first encounter I have enjoyed at least 2 other works by Berwick...One about the Yanomani Indians and another earlier book with a title describing 'My walk along The Ganges'.I have now only just finished reading 'Amazon, for the second time having fallen upon it in one of my local second hand book shops here in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.Berwick himself actually passed some years in the region of the Amazon. He was able to make sincere friendships with the natives of the region and has been able to inform us of the injustices suffered by the people and also the eco-infrastructure of this extremely important and bio divers part of The World. It is in the very best interests of our own and future generations to do whatever we can to lobby and work to protect the Amazon from further destruction.I was strongly reminded of the other books I had read by Berwick and I will be making it my firm intention to get my hands on some of his other work. A really good and enjoyable read at the same time as being truly educational....I recommend this book.
  •     Great background, on this unusual area today.
  •     This is my second reading of Dennison Berwick's books. I also read and wrote a Review on his book, "Walk Along the Ganges". I enjoyed the thoroughness of his writing so I thought I would read this one as well.For me, this book was a page turner. Not necessarily one of suspense, but of adventure in such a vast and unknowing environment whether on land or on the river.I'm sure Mr. Berwick looks back at this journey (several decades later) with great pride (winning over the mosquitoes, tarantulas and exotic snakes) and recollects his conversations with different villages of people, who were scattered among the jungle, as well as upon the river's edge.It was a bit startling to think back and remember that even in the 1970's, the Amazon Forest was bombarded with the logging industry.It is quite inevitable how much deforestation was happening then and as of now, in 2011, how much of this precious land has been devoured by the logging industry. It makes you wonder what much of the Amazon Jungle must look like today, as well as the conditions of the rivers in those regions.There is a part in the book in conversation near the beginning, whereMr. Berwick is asked, "Where would you like to go?", and he eagerly answers, "Anywhere where we can't hear any trucks or chainsaws!"Such a bittersweet reality to many of the Indians residing there, as the stripping of the forest provides jobs and income for some, while others are desperate for their heritage (land) not to change in any way.I liked this book very much because I like to read about adventures.And I would recommend this book to others who like them too.Along with a good story (thankfully kept by a daily journal), there is always so much to learn on any journey...anywhere. And thus was the case with "AMAZON"!
  •     Enjoy all his books - one Walking the Ganges is amazing also. Good writer makes you feel like you are going along - great detail

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