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Press:Berndtson & Berndtson Berndtson & Berndtson (June 2000)


Laminated road & travel map in color. 
Easy to fold, convenient size.
Insets of Ville de Quebec, Vieux Montreal.
Where to camp, sightsee, experience nature, visit a museum, see a movie or play.
National parks, gardens, and wildlife reserves.
Traveler information centers, police stations, bus stations, post offices.
Roads from expressways to dirt roads and carriage ways.
Airports, airfields.
Distances in km.
Main map scale 1: 1,800,000.


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  •     ...and am preparing to destroy my lovely plastic-laminated map of Quebec. Since the map was advertised as a "road map" as opposed to a "walking tour map", "tourist map", or "back roads atlas", I expected this map to satisfy some basic requirements. For example, I was extremely frustrated to find, as I tried to drive first into Quebec City, and two days later, into Montreal, that the map does NOT make the transition from countryside to city. The provincial map shows sufficient detail to get one from the hinterlands into the VICINITY of the cities, but if you need to know which interstate to get on, or which exit to take to get downtown, you're on your own. The enlargements of the cities are helpful for navigating only a very small area of the cities (the oldest parts), but do not extend to the major arteries. In short, if you are driving to Quebec or Montreal, I would suggest that you print a map from your favorite map website rather than shelling out eight bucks for this laminated wonder. Bon Voyage!

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