Through the Brazilian Wilderness Or My Voyage Along the River of Doubt

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Press: Wilder Publications (March 26, 2009)
Author Name:Roosevelt, Theodore, IV


After losing his bid for the United States Presidency as a third party candidate, Theodore Roosevelt decided to take on the most dangerous adventure left on earth. 
He and his son, Kermit, accepted Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon's invitation to help him plot the course of the River of Doubt.
The River of Doubt could just as easily have been named the River of Death.
The river's rapids turned out to be much more ferocious than expected, cannibalistic natives dogged the group through most of the journey, and Murphy was their constant companion.
The expedition lost men, supplies, and canoes.
At one point, Roosevelt contracted a flesh-eating bacteria and became so weak that he urged his son to leave him behind to die.
Ultimately Teddy and Kermit emerged from the wilderness triumphantly.
Here is their story in Theodore Roosevelt's own words.


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  •     I just wanted to warn people that the Wilder Publications paperback version has no maps!
  •     My paperback version of this book is published by Feather Trail Press. Apparently this is not a real publishing company, try find it on Google, and has come under criticism in association with other titles.The book is virtually impossible to read because of its page formatting. Continuous sentences from top to bottom without any paragraph separation make it very difficult to read easily. What should be a relaxing pleasure is an irritating chore.If it weren't for the facts that I have struggled through and dog-eared the first pages, and it only cost $10, I would return the book and demand a refund.Candice Millard's book, The River of Doubt, was a delight and I was looking forward to enjoying a comparison of perspectives and story telling.Big disappointment.
  •     Another adventure with Teddy and son. Wonderful read. Things like this will never happen again!
  •     In his own words, one of America's great men takes you on his journey, down an uncharted (Mostly) river through the heart of an untamed South America. With his pearls of wisdom and stark opinions, from a man who had seen and done much in his days already. You get not only a great picture into his journey, but a glimpse into the mind of a Great man. A must for anyone who loves Theodore Roosevelt, and a great read for anyone who does not.
  •     Finally got it in book form at affordable price Roosevelt is wordy but detailed I've read this electricly and live it. I highly recommend Theodore Roosevelt in any form especially his Ranch Life Wilderness hunter books . The man was 50 years ahead of his time .
  •     I'm enjoying reading this story directly from Teddy Roosevelt. Although he does tend to repeat himself, his writing is very good. I'd recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in this very special American president.I plan to read "The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey" by Candice Millard. It's the same story as "Through the Brazilian Wilderness Or My Voyage Along the River of Doubt"

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