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Press:Natl Book Network Photo Tour Books; 2 edition (March 23, 2006)
Author Name:Hudson, Andrew


Orange County is California's second-most populous county (after neighboring Los Angeles County) and features the state's most popular attraction, Disneyland.


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  •     Orange County has many photogenic locations and in some instances they are very well represented in this book. There are a number of truly beautiful images scattered throughout the 160 pages.Unfortunately, many of the pictures are considerably less impressive. Some are extremely grainy and unattractive, some aren't well focused, and still others look like they have been shot using color-altering filters to poor effect. In addition, there is a heavy preponderance of sunset/dusk shots. Dusk is a great time to shoot photos, but when one technique is used in such great repetition in a single collection of photos the effect becomes monotonous and the photographer begins to look like a one-trick pony.The author is an experienced photographer and is obviously capable of producing very good work. Sadly, he too often settles for shots that are not worthy of publication in a book like this. The uneven quality of the photos makes it impossible to recommend this book.
  •     My family just moved to Orange County in Feb. from Michigan due to my husband's promotion. We have friends in Sandiego who sent us "A photo tour of Orange County," as a welcome gift. If you're not from Cali, you really appreciate the visual tour. My parents recently came to visit and we took them to most of the scenes featured in the publication. They fell in love with OC. On the last day before their return to Michigan, I showed my dad the photo journal (he did not see it yet) and pointed all the places we went and haven't had a chance to visit and he requested that we send a copy so that he can show to family and friends in Michigan. These are really great photos.

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