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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 13, 2011)
Author Name:Johnson, Delores


If your dream is to travel or live abroad, LIVE WELL FOR LESS IN ARGENTINA Residency and Retirement can help you make more informed decisions. 
On our own, without the help of an employer, my husband and I moved from the Eastern Coast of the United States to Buenos Aires, Argentina with proper immigrant visas and a 40-foot container of our possessions; we rented and bought houses; got Argentine Identification Documents; joined local clubs; traveled about the country; and more.
Before and after our move, we took everything step by step.
The steps described can help you avoid common mistakes when you are ready to travel or move overseas.


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  •     The author moved to Argentina about a decade ago. The book describes how she moved with her husband to a suburb of Buenos Aires on a permanent resident visa. The resources she quotes are mainly limited to the services that she used a long time ago. It is mainly helpful if you fit her profile. However, if you are e.g. a family with kids moving to a different part of Argentina, you may not find the book limited in use and may want to search some online blogs instead. The author lists some prices of what you can expect to pay if you are wondering whether you can afford to move there. She has some good info on health insurance, banking, renting and how to move all your stuff in a container. It is mainly a narrative of her own experience. If you are looking for something that she has not experienced herself, you will find no or limited information on that topic.I am not sure what the author's source of income is, but I assume it is a pension from an employer/government or SS or something like that. What is sorely missing in the book is tax (other than that what you have to pay on the stuff in your shipping container). Those who have accumulated sufficient assets on their own to provide for a monthly income, should be wary of Argentina's wealth tax. This wealth tax is levied on personal assets and is up to 1.25% of the value levied on your worldwide assets. That was an immediate showstopper for me and I am sure it is for other younger generations who don't get pensions any more. I would appreciated if the author could have at least mentioned something like this and also touched more on more items of general interest instead of extensive reviews on spas she visited. I am now looking into Chile instead.The author could have defintely updated some of her resources and expanded the information beyond her own personal experience. The title "Live well for Less in Argentina: Residency and Retirement" suggests a broader range of information than what she provided. Alltogether, you may find some info in this book that is helpful if you are in a similar situation as the author.
  •     I wish I had a book like this when I moved to another Latin American country! This book will help newcomers to Argentina navigate around some of the not-so-obvious whirlpools of bureaucracy and provide insight into how to accomplish basic but necessary tasks such as renting an apartment and getting a driver's license. These were just two of the cases where the author's personal experience benefits the reader. That personal knowledge is not something that can be looked up on the Internet. However, the author DOES include a long list of web pages with descriptions, explaining which are available in English or Spanish or both and which are useful to the soon-to-be expat.The author recounts her personal experiences and the decisions she and her husband made. However, she also provides information for readers to make their own choices or NOT make mistakes she made. The simple straightforward style is easy to read and provides plenty of tips on what to look for and what to avoid in a move to Argentina. If you are planning a move or even just dreaming about it, this is one of the most helpful tools you can own.
  •     This book was a really good how-to-guide to the hows and whys of making a move to Argentina. It was written in a personal and enjoyable style highlighting exactly what you need to know to go live there.

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