Going Home: A Solo Voyage through North America

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Press: AuthorHouse (April 18, 2008)
Author Name:Hampson, Spike


High in the Rockies, at an age when most are beginning to think of retirement, Spike Hampson decided to build himself a boat and take a long voyage. 
With little in the way of know-how and even less in the way of resources, he constructed a small river boat, named her Kobuk, and set off from Wyoming.
His first attempt ended in failure, but a few months later he tried again and this time found success.
Over the course of two summer seasons, he passed through the continent and reached Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada.
The voyage covered nearly five thousand miles, the last thousand on the open sea.
This is his story.
Solo voyagers are a different breed, diehard individualists who tap into personal resources that most of us don't realize we have.
Going Home lets you see the world through the eyes of such a person.


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